Accelerated Interoperability & Troubleshooting HP Networks, Rev 11.31 Eğitimi

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3 Days ILT    

Professionals who design, implement, and support Professionals who design, implement, and support network solutions based on HP A-Series, HP E-Series and Cisco switches and technologies, including systems engineers, systems designers, customer IT staff, HP services field and call center support engineers.

The Accelerated Interoperability & Troubleshooting HP Networks course is a 5-day course combining the Troubleshooting HP Networks and HP Networking Interoperability courses. This accelerated training helps network engineers to design and implement multivendor networks that include HP A-Series, HP E-Series, and Cisco switches. The course focuses on the key differences between platforms, such as VLAN configuration, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), link aggregation, and Network Address Translation (NAT). This accelerated course also helps networking engineers to improve their troubleshooting skills on both the HP A-Series and E-Series switches. The course focuses on troubleshooting methodologies and practices in medium to enterprise networks. The course is built around the IETF 5 Layer Model and includes a number of labs covering topics like troubleshooting VLANs, OSPF routing and spanning tree issues. This course prepares candidates for the Accredited System Engineer (ASE) certification within the HP ExpertONE program, as well as for the Master Accredited System Engineer (ASE) certification for those candidates who have the correct pre-requisites (CCIE Routing & Switching, H3CSE, HP ASE NI [2011] and HP ProCurve MASE Campus LAN [2010]). For more information, visit the HP networking web site, This course is equivalent to the HL039S.

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After completing this course, you should be able to:- Identify and solve issues that can arise when combining vendor specific proprietary protocols and industry standatd IEEE based products. Develop a troubleshooting methodology to isolate and correct problems in complex networks. Design and implement multivendor networks containing HP A-Series, HP E-Series and Cisco switches and routers. Support and correct issues in LAN-switching and in routed, multiple subnet network descriptions.

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