Administering HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions Eğitimi

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2 Days ILT    

Administering HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions (H4B97)

In this course, you will learn to administer and operate a private cloud environment based on the HP CloudSystem Matrix solution. This course prepares you for the HP ATP - Cloud Administrator V1 certification within the HP ExpertONE program.

What You'll Learn

  • Cloud computing fundamentals, including cloud types, service and delivery models, converged infrastructure, cloud processes and technologies, HP Cloud Functional Reference Architecture, and HP CloudSystem offerings
  • HP Converged Infrastructure and CloudSystem components
  • HP CloudSystem Matrix pre-installation, installation, configuration, and post-installation tasks
  • Daily administrative and operation tasks associated with a private cloud implementation based on HP CloudSystem Matrix
  • Upgrade, expand, and customize the HP CloudSystem Matrix solution
  • Troubleshoot the HP CloudSystem Matrix environment

Who Needs to Attend

HP employees, channel partners, or customers who need to learn the administrative and operational tasks of a private cloud environment built on HP CloudSystem Matrix


  • Experience managing HP BladeSystem environments, including Onboard Administrator and Virtual Connect
  • Experience using HP Insight Management software to manage the Converged Infrastructure environments
  • Experience using VMware vCenter Server to manage a basic course objective virtualization environment

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Cloud Fundamentals

  • Cloud Computing and its Benefits
  • Different Types of Cloud Implementations
  • Converged Infrastructure and Cloud Processes and Terminology
  • Life Cycle of Cloud Services
  • HP Cloud Functional Reference Architecture
  • HP CloudSystem Offerings and their Capabilities

2. HP Converged Infrastructure and CloudSystem Offerings

  • HP Converged Infrastructure Components
  • HP CloudSystem Software
  • HP Enterprise Security solutions for Converged Infrastructure and Cloud
  • HP Business Continuity Solutions for Converged Infrastructure and Cloud
  • HP Service Offerings for Converged Infrastructure and Cloud
  • Using Additional Resources Available from HP for the Converged Infrastructure and CloudSystem
  • Current Market Trends, Strengths, and Leadership of HP within the Industry

3. HP CloudSystem Matrix Installation and Maintenance

  • Pre-Installation Checks
  • Main Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Tasks
  • Post-Installation Activities
  • Discovering and Inventorying the HP CloudSystem Matrix Environment
  • Collecting Baseline Information

4. HP CloudSystem Matrix Administration and Operation

  • CloudSystem User Roles
  • Monitoring and Managing Cloud Supply Layer, Cloud Delivery Layer, and Cloud Demand Layer
  • Creating, Maintaining, and Performing the Backup and Recovery Process in the Converged Infrastructure and Cloud Environments

5. Solution Enhancements

  • Upgrading and Expanding the HP CloudSystem Matrix Solution
  • Customizing the HP CloudSystem Matrix Environment
  • Adding High Availability Features to the HP CloudSystem Matrix Solution

6. HP CloudSystem Matrix Troubleshooting

  • Outlining the General Troubleshooting Steps
  • Troubleshooting resources
  • Collecting Necessary Data to Effectively Troubleshoot the HP CloudSystem Matrix Environment
  • Evaluating the Collected Data
  • Developing and Executing an Action Plan
  • Gathering and Making a Support Call to HP


Lab 1: Deploy a Cloud Map

Lab 2: HP Solution Demo Portal and CloudSystem Resources

  • Use the HP Solution Demo Portal (SDP)
  • Access the latest documentation for HP CloudSystem Matrix

Lab 3: CloudSystem Resource Discovery

  • Run the HP SIM discovery within the management infrastructure of the HP CloudSystem Matrix environment
  • Validate that appropriate licenses are installed
  • Validate the DNS configuration
  • Validate communication between HP SIM and vCenter
  • Run the Managed System Setup Wizard (MSSW)

Lab 4: Use HP Infrastructure Orchestration Designer

  • Design and publish a valid template by using the HP IO Designer Studio

Lab 5: Use the Infrastructure Orchestration Self-Service Portal

  • Request a service instance and monitor that request
  • Approve a service request
  • Monitor a service request

Lab 6: Import a Cloud Map

  • Import an HP Cloud Map to request a service instance and monitor that request
  • Make changes to an HP Cloud Map
  • Implement the HP Cloud Map

Lab 7: Explore the SiteScope User Interfaces

  • Access the SiteScope client
  • Check the monitoring of a host
  • Explore lab environment using SiteScope

Lab 8: Explore the HP Server Automation Architecture and Interfaces

  • Access the SA Web Client
  • Install and run the SA Client
  • Explore lab environment using the SA Web Client and SA Client

Lab 9: Troubleshoot the HP CloudSystem Matrix Environment

  • Use the most common troubleshooting tools
  • Find appropriate system log files

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