Advanced Cloud Solutions on System x Eğitimi

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Advanced Cloud Solutions on System x (1SX5G)

IBM Course Code: 1SX5G

This course is designed to teach advanced skills in working with cloud as end users, developers, or administrators. Typical cloud examples and solutions are derived from working with IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator in the hands-on lab exercises.

What You'll Learn

  • Explain key requirements and perform all tasks in Installing, configuring, and managing a cloud environment
  • Work with SmartCloud Orchestrator and OpenStack components as typical cloud software products
  • Set up cloud resource environment profiles and virtual system patterns for automating services and deployment

Who Needs to Attend

This course is for:

  • System x or cloud technical support individuals
  • System x or cloud system administrators
  • System x or cloud architects
  • System x engineers
  • System x or cloud end users


You should have:

  • background in virtualization environment and cloud computing.

Also, working experiences with the following will help:

  • VMware or other virtualization infrastructure on System x
  • Virtual appliances and workloads deployment
  • OpenStack and its different software components

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1: Cloud environment overview
  • Exercise 1: Hands-on lab initial check-up
  • Unit 2: Installing cloud components and initial configurations
  • Exercise 2: Installing SmartCloud Orchestrator central servers
  • Unit 3: Cloud software stacks and infrastructure

Day 2

  • Exercise 3: Installing SCO region servers and OpenStack components
  • Unit 4: Cloud and virtualization resources
  • Exercise 4: Working with virtualization resources and virtual images
  • Unit 5: SmartCloud Orchestrator as typical cloud environment and interfaces
  • Exercise 5: Using SCO web user interface scenarios

Day 3

  • Unit 6: Expanding the cloud
  • Exercise 6: Working with a new cloud domain in SCO
  • Unit 7: Self-serving cloud
  • Exercise 7: Using self-service and other interfaces in SCO

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