Advanced iOS Application Development Eğitimi

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Apple  » iPhone/iPad App Dev Eğitimler

Advanced iOS Application Development

In this course, you will explore advanced features such as application settings and data persistence using the iCloud, background processing, core location, localization, the camera, and photo library. Each step will present a new and unique project built from start to finish.

Note: While not required, it would also be helpful to have your own iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and be a registered developer with Apple. Many of the features demonstrated in this course will not run in the Xcode simulator and must be tested on an actual iOS device. Also, for this course you will need an Intel-based Apple computer with Xcode installed. Xcode can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge and is approximately 2.5 GB large.

Who Needs to Attend

Anyone who wants to take the skills to the next level


  • Fundamentals of iOS Application Development

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Application Settings and User Bundles

  • The User Bundle
  • Add a User Bundle to a Project
  • Property Lists
  • Adding Icons to Settings Bundle
  • User Settings
  • Registering Default Values

2. Data Persistence

  • The Application's Sandbox
  • Documents and Library Directories
  • File Persistence
  • Property List Serialization
  • Archiving Model Objects
  • NSCoding
  • NSCopying
  • Archiving and UnArchiving Data Objects
  • Using iOS's Embedded SQLite3
  • Creating and Opening the Database
  • Bind Variables
  • Core Data
  • Managed Objects
  • Key-Value Coding

3. iCloud

  • Managing Document Storage with UIDocument
  • Adding iCloud Support

4. Background Processing

  • Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)
  • SlowWorker
  • Threading
  • Concurrent Closures
  • Background Processing
  • Application Life-Cycle
  • State Change Notifications
  • Execution State Changes
  • Inactive State
  • Resource Management

5. Drawing with Core Graphics

  • � Quartz 2D

6. Sprite Kit

  • Initial Scene Customization
  • Player Movement
  • Adding a Player
  • Geometry Calculations
  • Particles
  • Audio

7. Taps, Touches, and Gestures

  • The Responder Chain
  • The Multitouch Architecture
  • Swipes
  • Automatic Gesture Recognition
  • Detecting Multiple Taps
  • Pinch and Rotation

8. Core Location and Map Kit

  • The Location Manager
  • Accuracy
  • Distance Filter
  • Permissions
  • The Location Manager Delegate
  • CLLocation
  • Error Notifications

9. Gyro and Accerometer

  • Core Motion
  • Motion Manager
  • Event-based Motion
  • Proactive Motion Access
  • Gyroscope and Attitude Results 
  • Shakes

10. The Camera and Photo Library

  • UIImagePicker Controller
  • Camera View Controller

11. Application Localization

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