App Development for the Apple Watch Eğitimi

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Apple  » Apple Watch Eğitimler

App Development for the Apple Watch

This course takes you through the creation of your first WatchKit application as an overview of Xcode 6, the iOS8 SDK, and Swift. You will learn how to use Glances and Actionable Notifications in connection with Native WatchKit Extensions. Additionally, you'll learn to synchronize the data and functionality of your Watch apps with web services and data from your iPhone app.

What You'll Learn

  • How to use the pillars of the WatchKit SDK (Glances, Actionable Notifications, and WatchKit Extensions
  • Integrate your Apple Watch extension with native iPhone functionality
  • Visual components in Apple Watch apps


Who Needs to Attend

Anyone who wants to create apps for the Apple Watch

Note: As an extension of iPhone programming, this class content is especially applicable to iOS developers. However, the curriculum is meant for programmers and non-programmers alike. No prior development experience is required.


Knowledge of Swift and iOS frameworks in preparation for Apple Watch development is recommended but not required

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.


Course Outline

1. Happy Alarm

  • iPhone + Watch (upgrade your iPhone project for the Watch)
    • Setting Up your Software
    • Xcode Tour
    • Important Project Files
    • Adding a New Target: Apple Watch
    • Configuring the iOS Simulator
    • Output: Console, Bugs and Warnings
    • Introducing Both Watch Sizes

2. Duel at the Dojo

  • Interface Builder and WatchKit
    • Widgets
    • Buttons
    • Actions and Outlets
    • Layout Flow
    • Labels
    • Images
    • Switches
    • Groups
    • Importing your own Media

3. Giggle Pet

  • Swift Primer
    • Paged App Hierarchy
    • Types: Values and References
    • Data and functions
    • Conditionals and Loops
    • Logical Operators and Patterns

4. Check Lists: Shopping and More

  • WatchKit App
    • Drill-Down Hierarchy
    • Tables
    • Switch
    • Slider
    • Date
    • Timer
    • Map

5. Sario: Super Side Scroller

  • Glances
    • More Targets
    • Glance Life Cycle
    • Customizing App Launch
    • Static Glance

6. Winter-Siege, Escape the Crows

  • Notifications 1: Static to Dynamic
    • Custom JSON Payloads
    • WatchKit Widgets Tricks and Tips
    • In-App Contextual Menus
    • Conditional Layouts

7. Connect-4, Final Fighter

  • Notifications 2: Local vs Push
    • Advanced JSON Payloads
  • More Swift
    • Class Extensions
    • Inheritance and Polymorphism

8. Remote Control Camera

  • Watch + iPhone Synchronization
    • Sand-Boxes
    • Sharing Data via App Groups
    • Timely, Location Aware Content
  • More Swift
    • Protocols: Delegates and Data-Sources

9. Pong

  • PepperGum Lab's Pixel-Grid Template
    • Advanced Groups: Hierarchies
    • Custom Insets and Spacing
    • Debugger and Profiler

10. Fashion Sale Follower

  • Watch Style: HIGS and Design
    • Human Interface Guidelines
    • Design Templates
    • More Protocols
    • Automated Testing




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