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Architecting HP CloudSystem Solutions (HL984)

In this course, you will prepare to navigate through the HP CloudSystem solution offerings and identify, describe, position, and specify the correct solution based on customer needs. This course prepares you for the HP ASE - Cloud Architect v1 certification. You will also learn the technical consulting skills needed to deliver planning and design services.

What You'll Learn

  • Cloud computing fundamentals
  • HP CloudSystem offering, positioning, competition, and components
  • HP Cloud Functional Architecture
  • Recommend a correct solution based on analysis of customer requirements
  • Features and benefits of HP CloudSystem

Who Needs to Attend

HP employees, channel partners, or customers needing to learn how to describe, position, recommend, select, and architect the HP CloudSystem solutions


  • Thorough understanding of HP Converged Infrastructure and its components, including HP servers, storage, networking, power and cooling, software, security, and services
  • HP ATP - Cloud Administrator v1 Certification

Follow-On Courses

  • HP BladeSystem Networking (HL942)
  • Implementing HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions (H4B96)

Course Outline

1. Cloud Fundamentals

  • Cloud Computing and its Benefits to Enterprise Data Centers
  • Different Types of Cloud Implementations
  • Key Cloud Processes and Terminology
  • Life Cycle of Cloud Services
  • HP Cloud Functional Architecture
  • Capabilities of the HP CloudSystem Offerings
  • Relate HP CloudSystem to the HP Converged Infrastructure and to the Instant-On Enterprise

2. HP Cloudsystem

  • Components of Each HP CloudSystem Offering
  • Integrating HP CloudSystem with Non-HP Infrastructure
  • Moving to CloudSystem while Using Existing Converged Infrastructure Components
  • HP Cloud Services
  • HP Partner Programs
  • Guiding Principles Required to Propose an Appropriate Solution Based on Customer Needs
  • Sizing and Configuration Process

3. HP Cloudsystem Matrix

  • Major Components in the CloudSystem Matrix
  • Major Components and Functionality of Server Automation
  • Main Components and Functionality of SiteScope
  • Requirements/Prerequisites
  • Installation and Configuration Process
  • Benefits of Server Automation and SiteScope

4. HP Cloudsystem Enterprise

  • CloudSystem Enterprise
  • Cloud Service Automation (CSA) Concepts
  • Components of CSA
  • CSA User Roles and Portals
  • HP Operations Orchestration
  • Configuration and Installation Tasks

5. Cloud Competitive Landscape and HP Cloud Resources

  • Competitors
  • Solution Demo Portal
  • Accessing and Using the Portal
  • Cloud Related Demos Available on the Portal
  • Additional Resources Available from HP for the CloudSystem


Lab 1: Create a living Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a Cloud solution

Lab 2: Address the SLA requirements to determine suitable Cloud solutions for customer scenarios

Lab 3: Design a cloud solution that meets specific customer requirements

Lab 4: Present a high-level architectural diagram of a Cloud solution that meets specific customer requirements

  • Defend your choice

Lab 5: Present the different types of Cloud implementations and their benefits

Lab 6: Use the Demo Portal to demonstrate an appropriate technology showcase demo

Lab 7: Live Demo capability

Lab 8: Handle frequently asked questions

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