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1 Day ILT    

Atmos Implementation and Management

In this course, you will learn the procedures necessary to set up, configure, and manage resources in the Atmos Cloud Optimized Storage system. You will cover the basics of security, tenancy, policies, access configuration, resource management, and performance tuning. You will learn the configurable aspects of the Atmos system. Example use cases, best practices, and significant hands-on labs are provided on a multisystem Atmos Install.

What You'll Learn

  • Dataflow during standard read and write
  • Data vs. metadata
  • Purpose of Atmos policies
  • High level layout of the Atmos security model
  • Hierarchy of tenancy
  • Relationship between tenants and policy
  • Relationship between tenants and access protocols
  • Role of policies
  • How policy effects system performance (distribution and protection)
  • How data protects options
  • How full replicas, erasure coding, dedupe, compression, and green drive options effect capacity and performance
  • Association of nodes and access protocols
  • Tools t monitor and configure EMC Atmos

Who Needs to Attend

Individuals responsible for the configuration, set up, management, implementation, or support of EMC Atmos


An understanding of cloud computing concepts and Atmos fundamentals

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Atmos Resources Bullets

2. Atmos Security Model

3. Configuring Atmos Tenants

4. Atmos Policy Planning and Configuration

5. Atmos Access Protocol Configuration


Lab 1: Atmos GUI Demo

Lab 2: Create and Manage Tenants and Subtenants

Lab 3: Create Policies to Solve Business Problems

Lab 4: CIFS and NFS Mapping and Mount Configuration

Lab 5: Monitor Tools, Reports, and Logs

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