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2 Days ILT    

Sales engineers who have one to two years of voice experience and who support multimedia applications and anyone requiring an understanding of the Contact Center features, benefits, and requirements

In this course designed for experienced sales engineers, you will learn how to maximize tools and resources to configure new systems and perform upgrades using the most common Avaya Aura Contact Center applications. In real-world case studies, you will use engineering guidelines and practice configurations for cost-effective solutions using single and multiple applications. You will also examine and compare the Avaya Aura Contact Center applications

We discuss the following topics: Contact Center Manager (CCMS/CCMA) SIP Contact Center Manager Multimedia Contact Types Outbound Contacts Communication Control Toolkit Contact Center Multimedia System Requirements Contact Center High Availability Contact Center Networking Case Study: Engineering Avaya Aura Contact Center

After you complete this course you will understand: Contact Center Manager features and benefits, architecture and components, and capacity and licensing rules Multimedia contact types and requirements Outbound Dialing contact campaigns and reporting capabilities Functionality of the Communication Control Toolkit Multimedia server features, architecture and components, and capacity and licensing requirements Avaya Aura Contact Center system requirements including co-resident configurations, capacities, supported upgrades, and engineering tools High Availability offering, including Campus redundancy and Geographic redundancy capabilities, switchover times, and engineering guidelines Contact Center Networking feature, including the role of the Network Control Center, Network Skill-Based Routing, and engineering guidelines

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