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Telecommunication professionals, including system administrators and technicians, responsible for administering, maintaining, and troubleshooting a Contact Center network

In this course, you will be introduced to the concept of Network Skill-Based Routing (NSBR) and learn how to configure NSBR in a Contact Center networked environment. You will learn to configure a virtual contact center consisting of up to 30 sites and the Network Control Center (NCC), a required component of a Contact Center network. In detail, you will cover networking configuration, script design, monitoring and interpreting network activity using Real-Time Displays, and networking historical reports. Exercises and labs ensure that you master all lesson objectives

We discuss the following topics: Network Automatic Call Distribution Overview Introducing Network Skill-Based Routing Network Control Center Configuration Network Skill-Based Routing Configuration Requirements Routing Table Assignments Script Design for Network Skill-Based Routing Networking Impact on Real-Time Displays Historical Reports for Networking Appendix: Network Automatic Call Distribution

After you complete this course you will be able to: Understand how Network ACD works and the hardware and software requirements for Network ACD How Contact Center Networking is used to deliver Network Skill-Based Routing (NSBR) Configure NSBR for a network of up to 30 Contact Center sites Incorporate and test networking commands using system intrinsics in script design (SCE) Recognise events that cause site and/or skillset filtering with networking Run statistics provided by Contact Center that track network activity Generate Network Consolidated and Network Call-by-Call Historical Reports using the Network Control Center

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