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3 Days ILT    

Avaya Communication Server 1000 BARS/NARS (0956)

Learn to implement and configure dialing plan features of Avaya CS 1000 7.x systems.

This course addresses the minimum programming required to implement dial plan authorization, restrictions, and digit manipulation between multiple Avaya Communication Server (CS) 1000 systems. Through demonstrations, hands-on labs, and classroom discussions, you will learn how to implement public E.164 dialing plans, private Coordinated and Uniform Dialing Plans, and commonly used BARS/NARS features. BARS and NARS provide customers flexible configuration of Avaya CS 1000-based systems over traditional analog and digital transmission mediums as well as VoIP technologies such as H.323 and SIP.

What You'll Learn

  • Avaya CS 1000 TDM and VoIP Networking Voice Overview
  • Avaya CS 1000 BARS/NARS Fundamentals
  • Electronic Switched Network
  • Automatic Least Cost Routing
  • Digit Manipulation
  • Network Translation
  • Supplemental Digit Recognition and Restriction
  • Network Class of Service
  • Time of Day Schedules
  • Free Calling Area Screening
  • Routing Control
  • Authorization Codes
  • Interpret BARS Database
  • Troubleshooting BARS
  • Networking Concepts
  • Network Signaling, Network Transfer, and Satellite Link
  • NARS Access Codes and Uniform Dialing Plan
  • Location Codes and Automatic On-Net to Off-Net
  • Modifying Route List Indexes
  • Coordinated Dialing Plan
  • Network Traffic Measurements
  • Avaya CS 1000 Voice Over IP Networking

Who Needs to Attend

Support personnel who are responsible for provisioning, maintaining, interpreting, and reviewing Basic Alternate Route Selection (BARS) databases and Network Alternate Route Selection (NARS) databases


  • Avaya Communication Server (CS) 1000 7.x System Administration and Management (6351)

Follow-On Courses

  • Avaya Communication Server 1000 Dialing Plan Design and IP Peer Networking (0781)

Certification Programs and Certificate Tracks

This course is part of the following programs or tracks:

  • Avaya Certified Support Specialist (ACSS) - Avaya Communication Server 1000 for Avaya Aura�

Course Outline

1. Identify the CS 1000 Basic Alternate Route Selection (BARS) and Network Alternate Route Selection (NARS) features

2. Identify the CS1000 BARS/NARS feature packages

3. Discuss Analog and Digital PSTN networking concepts

4. Describe Private and Public dialing plans used by traditional PBXs

5. Discuss CS 1000 IP networking H.323 and SIP voice protocols

6. Discuss CS 1000 IP networking concepts, components and topologies

7. Describe CS 1000 BARS/NARS strategies when using both traditional TDM networking and IP networking

8. Configure BARS/NARS features on the CS 1000 Call server

9. Create Private and Public dialing plans between multiple CS 1000 systems

10. Test dial plan configurations by placing calls between CS 1000 systems

11. Identify, isolate and correct dialing plan configurations on the CS 1000 call server


Lab 1: Review existing customer database information

Lab 2: Program Electronic Switch Network (ESN) Datablock with limits and AC1

Lab 3: Program Route List Indexes (RLIs) with the customer's existing trunks

Lab 4: Program the Digit Manipulation (DMI) requirements for the route lists

Lab 5: Build required Network Translations (NPA, NXX, SPN, LOC, HLOC)

Lab 6: Program Supplemental Digit Restriction and Recognition (SDRR) data blocks and apply to the appropriate translations

Lab 7: Build the Network Control Datablock (NCTL) and associate the Network Class of Service (NCOS) with the appropriate Facility Restrictions Level (FRL)

Lab 8: Set up required Trunk Group Access restrictions (TGAR)

Lab 9: Process calls using the BARS database that was built

Lab 10: Interpret and troubleshoot the BARS database using the flowcharts and the Call Trace tool

Lab 11: Configure the Network Alternate Route (NARS) database including AC2, INAC and Network Signaling (NSIG) for the trunks

Lab 12: Program new RLIs for the Private T1s between CS 1000s

Lab 13: Program new Network Translations including LOC and HLOC. Process and Trace calls

Lab 14: Program Automatic On-Net to Off-Net database for LOC codes. Process and Trace calls

Lab 15: Build Steering Codes for Coordinated Dialing Plan (CDP). Verify the CDP entries in the ESN datablock. Process and trace CDP calls.

Lab 16: Troubleshoot call routing scenario (BARS and NARS) issues.

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