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Avaya  » Avaya IP Office Contact Center Eğitimler
Avaya  » Avaya IP Office Contact Center Eğitimler

Avaya IP Office Contact Center (8S00010)

Learn how to implement and maintain IP Office Contact Center.

In this course, you will learn to customize and administer an IP Office Contact Center solution. In addition, the course provides you with the opportunity to practice installing and configuring the IP Office Contact Center.


Avaya Support Professional Specialist (ASPS) - Avaya IP Office Contact Center

What You'll Learn

  • All major components of the IPO CC
  • Relationship with IP Office and the IPOCC using Short Codes, SIP User and CHAP for the passing of information between them
  • Complete and create the Customer Data Import Sheet; with information including Customer Set up, IP Office, Email Server, and XMPP Server Information
  • Install a Sybase database, configure TAPI for the IPOCC and install the IPOCC software on the server
  • Install the customers configuration using the Data Import sheet and csv file for IPO
  • Configuration settings for Topic, Agent Groups, and Agents
  • Configuration of Task Flow and IVR for routing of a call, with automated prompts where required such as queuing messages
  • Configure supervisor and agent user interfaces for real time information and call handling
  • Creation of Historical reports
  • Outbound Dialer
  • Configure email and chat in the IPOCC
  • Backup and restore of IPOCC databases
  • TTrace for testing and troubleshooting

Who Needs to Attend

Avaya associates, partners, resellers, and customers


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. IPOCC System Component Overview

2. IP Office and IPOCC Integrations

3. Licensing Using WebLM

4. Customer Data Import Sheet

5. IPO CC Installation

  • Sybase Install
  • TAPI Install and Configuration
  • IPO CC Software Install on Server
  • Enter Licenses with WebLM
  • CC and CK3 Database Backup
  • Import Customer Data
  • Import IP Office CSV
  • IPOCC Install for Client PC

6. User Interface

  • User Interface Overview
  • Administrator UI
  • Supervisor UI
  • Agent UI

7. Task Flow Editor

  • Task Flow Elements
  • Creating Task Flow

8. IVR Editor

  • IVR Elements
  • Creating IVR
  • Mobility Call Control and One-X Mobile

9. Historical Reporting

  • Overview of Historical Reporting
  • Historical Reporting Counters
  • Creating Historical Reports

10. Dialer

  • Overview of Dialer
  • Call Jobs
  • Configuring Dialer

11. Email

  • Email Overview
  • Configuring Email

12. Chat

  • Chat Overview
  • Configuring Chat

13. TTrace and Troubleshooting

14. Backup and Restore IPOCC Databases


Lab 1: Importing Customer Configuration

Lab 2: Installation

Lab 3: Administrator UI

Lab 4: Supervisor UI

Lab 5: Creating Task Flows

Lab 6: IVR Recording

Lab 7: Reporting Functionality

Lab 8: Configuring Dialer

Lab 9: Email Configuration

Lab 10: Configuring Chat

Lab 11: Tracing with trace and log files

Lab 12: Backup and Restore database

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