BCM50 and BCM450 Installation, Initial Configuration, and Messaging Eğitimi

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3 Days ILT    

BCM50 and BCM450 Installation, Initial Configuration, and Messaging (6045)

This course is designed for installation technicians and administrators who install and perform initial configuration on BCM systems.

What You'll Learn

  • BCM50 and BCM450 system hardware components
  • BCM50 and BCM450 system installation
  • Initial configuration of a BCM50 and BCM450 system
  • Setting up accounts and privileges
  • Configuring telephony resources
  • Configuring trunks and target lines
  • Configuring VoIP gateways
  • Unified Communications features and how to configure them
  • Using CallPilot Manager to set system properties
  • Configuring CallPilot mailboxes
  • Configuring Auto Attendant
  • Configuring Custom Call Routing


Who Needs to Attend

Technicians and administrators


  • Experience using Windows 2000, 2003, or XP
  • Ability to install and configure software and install and wire telephones
  • Experience and competency with BCM50 and BCM450
  • Understanding of key system, hybrid, and PBX functionality
  • Knowledge of trunks and lines, including various trunk types (analog and digital)
  • Understanding of central office (CO) functionality
  • Knowledge of basic telephony terms (such as target lines, line pools, T1)
  • Understanding of T1 and VoIP theory and concepts

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.


Course Outline

1. BCM50 and BCM450 Hardware

2. BCM50 and BCM450 Installation

3. BCM Initial Configuration

4. Security Policies and Accounts and Privileges Setup

5. Configuring Telephony Resources

6. Configuring Trunks and Target Lines

7. Configuring VoIP

8. Configuring Unified Communications Features

9. CallPilot Manager

10. CallPilot Mailboxes

11. Auto Attendant

12. Custom Call Routing




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