C�ram Solution Architecture Workshop 6.0 Eğitimi

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C�ram Solution Architecture Workshop 6.0 (9D07G)

IBM Course Code: 9D07G

This workshop provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of the C�ram Business Application Suite (CBAS), which includes the C�ram Enterprise Framework (CEF), C�ram Enterprise Modules, and C�ram Business Process Modules. Essential features of the Enterprise and Business Process Modules will be introduced from an architectural perspective. This interactive workshop is facilitated by an instructor and a C�ram architect. Using discussion, examples, and feature demonstrations, learners will develop a broad understanding of C�ram from both a business and technical perspective. This will enable them to interpret C�ram information sources and leverage the many features and functions of C�ram.

What You'll Learn

  • Describe the CEF and its position in the CBAS
  • Outline the runtime architecture and deployment options
  • Describe the use of the C�ram ADE in the development process
  • Recognize the services for gathering data from internal and external parties
  • Describe the CEF services that support the C�ram case life cycle
  • Outline CEF technical services for workflow, rules, and batch processing
  • Describe C�ram security and auditing features
  • Outline the functions of the C�ram connectors for enterprise integration
  • Describe the purpose of the CEF Business Services for search and correspondence
  • Access information sources in the C�ram Documentation Center and CIARA
  • Outline how out-of-the-box solutions can be customized in a compliant manner
  • Outline the release, upgrade, and support processes
  • Explain the purpose of the Data Manager and Configuration Transport Manager
  • List the typical steps and considerations for data migration
  • Recognize important features for financial management and business intelligence and analytics

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate course is primarily aimed at technical and solution architects, but also those learners who require a broad overview of C�ram and its associated components, technologies, features, and interfaces.


To gain a functional overview of the product, the classroom course Functional Overview of the Curam Platform (One-Day) 6.0 (9D020) is recommended, or the equivalent web-based course.

You should also have an understanding of the following topics:

  • n-tier client/server technologies and architecture, preferably J2EE or .NET;
  • relational database technologies;
  • and software system architecture best practices

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

The actual topics covered are determined by the requirements of the audience and may consist of the following:

1. Introduction to the CBAS

  • Structure of the CBAS
  • Documentation Center and C�ram Impact and Relationship Analyzer (CIARA)
  • C�ram Reference Model

2. Runtime Architecture

  • Client and server runtime architecture
  • Platforms and deployment architecture
  • Performance monitoring and tuning

3. C�ram Application Development Environment (ADE) and Development Processes

  • Development tools and technologies
  • Client development process
  • Server development process

4. Data Gathering Services

  • Data gathering using forms and wizards
  • C�ram Intelligent Evidence Gathering (IEG)
  • Clients, citizen, and provider portals
  • C�ram Common Intake

5. Social Enterprise Case Management

  • Participant Management
  • Case Management
  • Evidence Management
  • Dynamic and non-Dynamic products
  • Eligibility and Entitlement

6. CEF Technical Services

  • C�ram environment for rules (Rules framework, C�ram Express Rules (CER), Decision Assist)
  • C�ram Workflow
  • Enterprise integration using connectors
  • Security and auditing
  • Deferred and batch processing

7. CEF Business Services

  • C�ram Search Server
  • Correspondence services

8. Code-line Compliance and Upgrade Process

  • Configuration and extension
  • Releases and support process
  • Upgrade process

9. Data Management and Migration

  • C�ram data management tools
  • Data migration process

10. Enterprise Modules Overview

  • C�ram Financial Management
  • C�ram Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics
  • Other Enterprise modules

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