CICS V3 Advanced System Programmer Topics Including SOA and Web Services Eğitimi

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3 Days ILT    

CICS V3 Advanced System Programmer Topics Including SOA and Web Services (WM820G)

IBM Course Code: WM820

This five-day instructor-led course is designed to teach experienced CICS system programmers advanced resource definition and tailoring skills, enabling them to fully leverage the many features available in today's CICS environments.

This course teaches students advanced CICS topics, including troubleshooting, configuration and tailoring, and CICS support for Web services. IBM CICS is a modern transactional application server designed to execute demanding mixed-language application workloads, and to enable those applications to be easily integrated with enterprise solutions.

Through a combination of instructor-led lectures and hands-on labs, students learn about topics such as planning for recovery, CICS integration with IBM DB2, problem analysis, CICS interproduct communication, database services, external interfaces to CICS transactions, and CICS integration with IBM WebSphere MQ. The course also teaches students the system programming and administration aspects of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and CICS Web services.

The hands-on lab exercises are designed to reinforce the lecture material and give students the opportunity to practice newly acquired CICS system programming skills, including application debugging and working with Web services.

This course is applicable to all releases of CICS TS V3.

What You'll Learn

  • Analyze and document CICS error conditions
  • Execute best practice procedures for the analysis of a CICS problem state
  • Describe best practices for recovery-oriented application standards
  • Utilize CICS recovery facilities
  • Implement best practices for resource recovery, CICS restart, and disaster recovery
  • Establish recovery procedures for Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) record-level sharing and CICS data sharing servers
  • Define, install, and maintain the CICS DB2 environment
  • Plan for CICS recovery support of Database Control (DBCTL) and DB2 databases
  • Configure CICS for communication between other CICS and non-CICS systems
  • Tailor CICS to support integration with WebSphere MQ
  • Describe CICS support for Web services
  • Tailor CICS for Web services
  • Describe CICS capabilities for securing Web services
  • Connect CICS to the Web
  • Diagnose problems that occur during deployment of Web services in CICS
  • Diagnose problems that occur during run time for Web services in CICS

Who Needs to Attend

This is an advanced course for CICS system programmers and system support personnel who are responsible for planning, implementing, maintaining, and analyzing CICS systems, especially SOA and Web services environments.


Students should complete

  • CICS V3.2 Basic Tailoring (WM810) or (VM810)
  • or have equivalent experience.

Students are expected to be familiar with CICS V3.2 basic tailoring commands and procedures and the CICS application programming interface. Previous experience as a CICS system programmer is also helpful.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • CICS TS architecture
  • CICS topology - TOR/AOR/FOR
  • Introduction to CICSPlex System Manager
  • CICS VSAM record-level sharing (RLS)
  • CICS and WebSphere MQ
  • CICS and DBCTL
  • Exercise: CICS VSAM RLS setup
  • Collecting diagnostics data in CICSPlex SM
  • Trace facilities
  • Exercise: Application debugging using the trace
  • IPCS basics
  • Exercise: Using IPCS
  • Exercise: Installing lab trace facilities
  • Storage-related problems
  • Exercise: SOS and storage violation
  • Recovery concepts and considerations
  • CICS logging
  • Two-phase commit
  • File control recovery
  • Introduction to CICS VSAM recovery
  • Open transaction environment (OTE) and threadsafe
  • Exercise: Threadsafe in CICS
  • CICS DB2 overview
  • CICS DB2 attachment installation, definitions, and commands
  • CICS DB2 problem analysis
  • Exercise: Trace entries
  • Language Environment considerations in CICS
  • CICS Web services overview
  • Channels and containers
  • Configuring CICS Web services
  • Understanding SOAP
  • Exercise: CICS as a Web service provider
  • Exercise: CICS as a Web service requester
  • Java in CICS
  • CICS Web support

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