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2 Days ILT    
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Cisco  » Voice Eğitimler

This course is intended for call center professionals and other technical professionals responsible for deploying or supporting Cisco IPCC Enterprise/ICM or responsible for implementing end to end call-flow designs.

In the Cisco IPCC Enterprise Advanced Scripting course you will learn to convert business requirements into call-flow design and then into scripts that provide the routing information to routing clients. The process includes configuring, scripting and testing complex call flows. Example scripts are utilized to demonstrate the provision of specific interactive voice response (IVR) treatment, the collection of call processing variables used in databases lookups for call routing, and the facilitation of standard reporting. Other topics include collecting and setting the variables to provide CTI screen pops.

Common Script Nodes Scheduling Scripts New Features Business RulesRouting Rules Administrative Scripts Troubleshooting Database RoutingContingency Scripting Advanced Concepts Maintenance

Develop a technique for determining the business rules that dictate the delivery of calls within a call center Convert business rules into a call-flow design based on the requirements Develop scripts providing IVR treatment, collecting digits, performing database lookups, and facilitating screen pops at the desktop Recognise how scripting can affect historical reporting and identify script failure and learn troubleshooting techniques Test the scripting logic to verify that it meets the business requirements

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