Cisco Process Orchestrator 3: Process Design and Configuration Training Eğitimi

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Cisco  » Network Management Eğitimler

This course is designed for any engineers involved in the installation and configuration of the Cico Process Orchestrator component of Cisco IAC 4.0, as well as technicians tasked with extending CPO workflows to accomodate their organisations business needs.

This instructor-led, lab-based training covers the usage, programming, testing, and administration of Cisco Process Orchestrator processes, especially when used in conjunction with Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) and Cisco Prime™ Service Catalog. You will learn how to create activities and processes using the Process Editor, which provides toolbox, workflow and properties functions, as well as how to use the adapters and activities that are provided with the automation packs that are packaged with Cisco IAC. Integration  with external systems, such as Cisco Prime Service Catalog is also included.

Cisco Process Orchestrator Overview Configuring Processes in Cisco Process Orchestrator Using Child and Cloned Processes and Configuring Activities Tables and Table Processing in Cisco Process Orchestrator Server and Client Shell Scripts Web Services, and XML and XSLT Integration with Cisco Prime Service Catalog Extending Workflows in Cisco IAC 4.0 Using Extension Points Labs Lab 1: Instructor-Led Demo of Cisco Process Orchestrator Lab 2: Creating New Processes, Adding Categories, and Testing Process Execution Lab 3: Adding and Testing Workflows, Variables, and Logic Operators to a ProcessCreating Reusable Processes Using a Child Process. Creating Processes with a Conditional Workflow Using Logic Operators Lab 4: Defining and Creating Table Variables. Using Table Variables in Foreach Loops Lab 5: Parsing Responses to Terminal Commands Using Regular Expressions Lab 6: Extracting Information from XML Messages Using XPath Activities. Configuring Requisition APIs (RAPIs) Request to Initiate Services in Cisco Prime Service Catalog.Using Cisco Process Orchestrator to Create Service Items in Cisco Prime Service Catalog Lab 7: Creating Processes to be Invoked from Cisco Prime Service Catalog Service Requests. Invoking Processes from the Cisco Prime Service Catalog and Trace Their Execution Lab 8: Instructor-Led Demonstration of Using Extension Points in Cisco IAC

After completing this course you should be able to: Recognize Cisco Process Orchestrator key concepts and be able to perform key design, configuration, and integration tasks including: Creating and testing new processes, Using activities included in automation packs to configure processes, Using tables such as a data storage mechanism. Using XML and XSLT as part of web services integration, Initiating server and client shell scripts Recognize the integration architecture between Cisco Prime Service Catalog and Cisco Process Orchestrator Describe extension points in Cisco IAC 4.0 and Cisco best practices for customizing workflows

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