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Cloud Foundation (HK922)

In this course, you will be introduced to cloud computing, what it is, and how it relates to your business.

What You'll Learn

  • How cloud will change today's IT
  • Different deployment models
  • Sourcing model introduced by cloud
  • Evaluate a cloud business case and risk management
  • Impact on your organization and roles that may need to be defined/re-defined with cloud

Who Needs to Attend

  • Senior IT managers
  • Decision makers
  • Head of IT architecture and/or operation department
  • Anyone with interest in gaining better understanding of cloud and cloud solutions


Basic experience and knowledge of IT computing environments

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Cloud Foundations

  • Developing a Common Language
  • Why Cloud Computing?
  • Common Definitions of Cloud
  • Utility Computing
  • Business Strategy
  • IT Value in the Cloud
  • IT Challenges and the Cloud

2. Cloud Models and Design

  • Types of Clouds
    • Public IT Clouds
    • Private IT Clouds
    • Community IT Clouds
    • Hybrid IT Clouds
  • Security in the Cloud
  • Cloud as an IT Service Station
  • Additional Cloud Terminology
  • Change Management
  • Cloud Requirements

3. Service Level Management, Standards, and Governance in the Cloud

  • New Relational Model
  • Services and the Value in the Cloud
  • ITSM is a Natural Fit in the Cloud
  • Five Blocks Model:
    • Governance
    • Organization
    • Technology
    • Operations
    • Tools
  • ITIL as a Framework for Service Management in the Cloud
  • Utility and Warranty
  • Service Design in the Cloud
  • Service Transition and the Cloud
  • Service Operation with Cloud
  • Cloud Service Delivery Features

4. Cloud Foundations: First Step

  • Route to Cloud Dynamics
  • Security in the Cloud
  • Governance in the Cloud
  • Cloud Standards Activity
  • HP CloudSystem Matrix: an IT Focused Cloud Platform
  • HP BladeSystem Matrix: a Foundation for Private Clouds
  • HP Cloud Service Automation Cloud Maps
  • Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Implementing Your Own Private Cloud
  • HP CloudSystem Enterprise
  • Advantages of Hybrid Cloud
  • HP CloudSystem Service Provider
  • HP Online Cloud Assessment

5. Implementing "Best of Breed"

  • Developing a Reference Architecture
  • Functional Reference Architecture v4
  • Hybrid Delivery and a Value Creation Network
  • Running IT as a Business
  • ITIL Type I: IT Support Functions
  • ITIL Type II: Cost Service Providers
  • ITIL Type III: Value Based Pricing
  • HP Service Transformation Model
  • Hybrid Delivery Strategy Development
  • Hybrid Delivery and the CIO's Role
  • Optimize Delivery and Integrate with the Cloud

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