Cognos Finance 7.4 Application Administration Eğitimi

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Cognos Finance 7.4 Application Administration (J0421G)

IBM Course Code: J0421G

Cognos Finance 7.4 Application Administration is a three-day, self-paced course designed to teach you how to plan, create, secure, and maintain a Cognos Finance system. Through hands-on exercises, you will build, populate, test, and customize your own system.

Who Needs to Attend

This course is intended for application administrators, typically financial and business people, who will be administering Cognos Finance for their organization.


You should have:

  • Knowledge of your organization's general ledger system and financial data sources
  • Knowledge of your organization's requirements for financial reporting
  • Knowledge of Access Manager
  • Completion of Cognos Finance 7.4 Authoring course (strongly recommended) or prior authoring experience in Cognos Finance

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Plan for Implementation

  • Define Cognos Finance
  • Describe the process of setting up and maintaining a system
  • Identify user requirements for a new system
  • Plan system dimensions
  • Build an efficient system

Create a System

  • Determine the directory structure
  • Define data dimensions
  • Add dimension items and set options
  • Save time by using templates and importing files
  • Add depth to your data by using calculations

Populate the System

  • Convert external source data to Cognos Finance format
  • Save time by using control files and libraries
  • Modify source data by using map files
  • Resolve processing errors
  • Populate the Cognos Finance database
  • Generate values for calculated items
  • Verify raw data
  • Populate common accounts

Apply Security

  • Use Access Manager to apply security
  • Manage user classes in Cognos Finance
  • Give access to activities
  • Restrict data access
  • Share security information

Enhance the System

  • Perform currency translation
  • Allocate amounts
  • Eliminate intercompany transactions
  • Create customized system calculations

Manage Cognos Finance Data

  • Zero out data in a submission
  • Populate submissions quickly
  • Combine data to populate a submission
  • Force the database to calculate
  • Prepare for a new month and fiscal year

Administer the System

  • Back up and restore the system
  • Delete data items
  • Control user access
  • Recalculate the database
  • Check, repair, and compress the database
  • Update the system remotely
  • Share item definitions, calculations, and data

Case Study

  • Create and populate a system
  • Apply security
  • Perform submission rollups
  • Transfer data
  • Eliminate intercompany transactions
  • Perform allocations
  • Convert currency

Consolidate Data (Optional)

  • Define consolidation and what consolidation tables do
  • Describe the consolidation types supported in Cognos Finance
  • Examine how to create a consolidation table

Integrate with Cognos 8 Planning and Cognos 8 BI (Optional)

  • Examine how to integrate Cognos Finance within a Cognos 8 Planning environment
  • Examine how to integrate Cognos Finance within a Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) environment

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