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Cognos Finance 7.4 Authoring (J0422G)

IBM Course Code: J0422G

Cognos Finance 7.4 Authoring is a two-day, self paced course designed to teach report authors how to create and distribute reports and forms. Through hands-on exercises, you will learn essential data input techniques that can be used to create budgets and forecasts in Cognos Finance Windows, Web and Excel interfaces. It is assumed that you have no experience with Cognos Finance or multidimensional reporting and analysis, but are familiar with the financial data and reporting needs of your organization.

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate course is intended for report and form authors, typically financial and business people, who will be using Cognos Finance to input and report on financial data.


You should have:

  • Knowledge of your organization's general ledger system and financial data sources
  • Knowledge of your organization's requirements for financial reporting

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline


  • Describe Cognos Finance and how it benefits your organization
  • Understand multidimensional reporting and analysis
  • Identify the uses for the different reporting and input modules (Reporting, Input, Journal Entry, Batch Reporting, View-only Reporting, Web, and Excel using the Cognos Finance Add-In for Excel)

Create Reports and Input Forms in Windows

  • Create basic reports and input forms in Windows
  • Set preferences for reports and input forms
  • Design the layout for a report or an input form
  • Select data items for a report or an input form
  • Populate a report and input form with data from the Cognos Finance system
  • Add customized notes and information to a report or form in an instructions file
  • Save reports and input forms

Input Data in Windows

  • Enter data into the cells of an input form
  • Cut, copy, and clear data
  • Forecast data using the Forecast Wizard
  • Paste and spread values across cells
  • Budget account data by using employee and scratch pads
  • Insert external data into an input form
  • Post data to the system
  • Save data for future posting

Analyze Your Data

  • Perform what-if analysis
  • Find and sort data items on a report or form
  • Explore data using drill options
  • Use attribute calculations to filter data on reports
  • Create calculated data items and pages
  • Calculate financial ratios
  • Validate data using edit checks
  • Perform variance analysis and exception reporting
  • Present data graphically

Enhance Your Reports and Forms in Windows

  • Create dynamic reports and forms by using pointer periods and submissions
  • Select data items using libraries
  • Add dependent data to reports and forms
  • Add dynamic data by using text macros and report variables
  • Create headers and footers for reports and input forms
  • Format numbers on reports and input forms
  • Modify how data is shown on reports and input forms

Integrate Cognos Finance With Excel

  • Output a report or input form to Excel
  • Change data in an exported workbook
  • Post data to the system from Excel
  • Create a workbook using Cognos Finance data
  • Add Cognos Finance functions to a workbook
  • Input data into a new workbook

Modify Reports and Forms on the Web

  • List the benefits of Cognos Finance Web
  • Open reports and forms on the Web
  • View and input data in Cognos Finance Web
  • Set data and formatting options in Cognos Finance Web
  • Post data to the Cognos Finance system from the Web
  • Export reports and forms to other formats

Distribute Reports and Forms

  • Format reports and forms prior to distribution
  • Print reports and forms
  • Make reports available for view-only access
  • Output reports and forms to different formats
  • Prepare batch reports

Monitor the Process Using WorkFlow (Optional)

  • Manage the budgeting process with WorkFlow

Create and Report on Adjustments (Optional)

  • Update account totals by using journal entries
  • Enter line items into journal entries
  • Report on journal entry line items

Integrate with Cognos 8 Planning and Cognos 8 BI (Optional)

  • Examine how to integrate Cognos Finance within a Cognos 8 Planning environment
  • Examine how to integrate Cognos Finance within a Cognos 8 business intelligence (BI) environment

Create Additional Reports (Optional)

  • Use @CEL calculations in reports
  • Create a rolling-period report

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