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3 Days ILT    

DFSMShsm Implementation (SS86G)

IBM Course Code: SS860

Learn to implement and manage DFSMS Hierarchical Storage Management (DFSMShsm). Learn how to automate the storage management tasks that optimize Direct Access Storage Devices (DASD) space utilization and provide data availability. Learn basic DFSMShsm terminology and concepts. Examine the functions and interfaces used to tailor DFSMShsm processing to meet your installation's storage management requirements. Perform a step-by-step DFSMShsm implementation in hands-on lab exercises.

Projects may be done in teams depending on the number of attendees and location.

Hands-On Labs

Five labs are included to address Interactive Storage Management Facility (ISMF), using the DFSMShsm starter set and functional verification procedure, preparing DFSMShsm for space management and availability management and recovery of a level 0 volume.

What You'll Learn

  • Modify the DFSMShsm starter set PROCLIB and PARMLIB members to meet an installation's storage management objectives
  • Use functional verification procedures to verify the correct operation of DFSMShsm after initial implementation
  • Automate space and availability management for DFSMS managed storage
  • Perform space management and data recovery functions with DFSMShsm commands
  • Select exits to tailor DFSMShsm functions to meet specific installation requirements
  • Monitor DFSMShsm status and generate statistical reports to assess DFSMShsm operation

Who Needs to Attend

This is an intermediate course for storage administrators new to DFSMShsm.


You should complete:

  • An Introduction to Data Storage Subsystems (SS050)
  • Fundamentals of Storage Management (SS060)
  • or have equivalent experience

You should be familiar with the basic concepts of data storage systems and with storage management activities.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Functional Environment

  • Identify DFSMShsm's role as a storage management system by being able to describe the features of space management and availability management
  • Define the different types of data sets and volumes used by DFSMShsm
  • Discuss the use of the ARCCMDxx member of SYS1.PARMLIB
  • Describe the purpose of the DFSMShsm control data sets, journals, and logs
  • Explain the interaction between DFSMShsm and DFSMS

2. Creating the DFSMShsm Environment

  • Plan for the successful installation of DFSMShsm
  • Use the starter sets to build the DFSMShsm environment
  • Modify the starter set DFSMShsm for your z/OS system and installed hardware
  • Run the functional verification procedures to test the DFSMShsm functions of space management, backup, and dump

3. Space Management

  • Identify the minimum migration configuration
  • Modify the ARCCMDxx parmlib member to support the automatic space management functions
  • Describe the interface between DFSMS and DFSMShsm for space management
  • Describe the DFSMShsm activities which occur during the automatic space management functions

4. Availability Management - Backup

  • Identify the minimum backup configuration
  • Modify the ARCCMDxx parmlib member to support the automatic incremental backup functions
  • Describe the interface between DFSMS and DFSMShsm for incremental backup
  • Describe the activities which occur during automatic incremental backup
  • Implement inline backup
  • Understand the command backup options

5. Availability Management - Dump

  • Identify the minimum dump configuration
  • Describe the activities during automatic full volume dump processing
  • Describe the dump generations created by DFSMShsm
  • Define dump classes based on your installation's requirements

6. Recovery

  • Recover user data following loss of a single data set or an entire user volume
  • Recover a control data set from a backup copy
  • Create and execute procedures for journal damage
  • Recover the data after Migration Level 1 (ML1) media damage

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