DSM/SCM Operations and Management for HP NonStop Systems Eğitimi

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3 Days ILT    

This course is suitable for System operators, System managers andPersonnel responsible for the installation of operating and product software on HP NonStop S-series and Integrity NS-series servers.

This course introduces the foundation and basic skills necessary for system operators and system managers to install, configure, and manage new and changed operating and product software on HP NonStop S-series and Integrity NS-series servers. This four-day course is 50 percent lecture and 50 percent hands-on labs using HP servers.

Module 1 - Introduction to DSM/SCM What is Distributed Systems Management/Software Configuration Manager (DSM/SCM) DSM/SCM primary purpose Primary DSM/SCM resources DSM/SCM user interfaces Module 2 - DSM/SCM Process Flow Step 1 – receive software Step 2 – plan the new software revision Step 3 – build Step 4 – apply the new software revision Step 5 – create/review discrepancy report Step 6 – activate the new software revision Module 3 - The Planner Interface (PI) Planner Interface (PI) purpose and activities Lab exercise: Planner Interface simulator Module 4 - The CNFGINFO Tool CNFGINFO tool overview and purpose Activities performed by the CNFGINFO tool Lab exercises: PC setup and the CNFGINFO tool Module 5 - The Archive and Database Maintenance Interfaces (MI) Maintenance Interface (MI) purpose and activities Module 6 - The Target Interface (TI) Target Interface (TI) purpose and activities Module 7 - Activating Updated Target Software How to activate the new software Using and running ZPHIRNM DSM/SCM fabricated names Standard operator instructions How to update EMS templates Module 8 - Installing and Initializing DSM/SCM Define DSM/SCM environment Initial installation and setup of DSM/SCM host and target systems Running INITENV using different options Starting and stopping DSM/SCM Lab exercises: INITENV and Maintenance Interface (MI); ZPHITMI;initialization build/apply Module 9 - DSM/SCM Management Considerations Changing preconfigured DSM/SCM attributes Changing NonStop server name and number OSBUILDER considerations NonStop S-series and NS-series systems DSM/SCM differences Web interfaces on NS-series servers Lab exercises: system report and independent snapshot; true build/apply;ZPHIRNM; backoutHP Education services are governed by the HP Education Services Terms and Conditions 4 Module 10 - Helpful Tools and Cloning Using the ZPHIUTL utility Displaying DSM/SCM EMS messages with ZPHIUTL and EMSDIST Using CLEANOSS and SPRCHECK tools Simplifying installation and management of multiple identical NonStop servers Module 11 - DSM/SCM Best Practices and Operational Considerations From “What not to forget” to best practices on how to clean up the DSM/SCM archive

Install and configure DSM/SCM on both host and target systems, and install and configure the Planner Interface on a PC workstation Use the Planner Interface to perform all activities related to managing software configuration on multiple target systems Use the Target Interface to perform DSM/SCM activities on a target system Use the archive and database Maintenance Interfaces to manage and maintain both the archive and databases associated with a host and target environment Use the CNFGINFO tool to build or modify file and product attributes for software managed by DSM/SCM Learn and perform activities required to activate new software on the target system Learn and perform the proper steps required to back out to the previous revision Use the ZPHIUTL diagnostic utility

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