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2 Days ILT    

This course is intended for system administrators, systems engineers, partners and support specialists who administer and support EMC Avamar.

The EMC Avamar Administration course provides participants with the knowledge and basic skills necessary to administer, monitor and troubleshoot EMC Avamar. . Recommended Avamar best practices are presented throughout the course. The course contains lectures, review questions and hands-on labs.

These modules are designed to support the course objectives. The following modules are included in this course: • Avamar Fundamentals • Avamar Administration • Avamar Backups • Performing Recoveries • Using Enterprise Manager and Replication • System Monitoring and Maintenance • Logs, Troubleshooting and Reporting Labs: Labs reinforce the information you have been taught. The labs for this course include: • Lab Exercise 2-1: Install and Launch Avamar Administrator • Lab Exercise 2-2: Perform Avamar Account Management Tasks • Lab Exercise 2-3: Installing Avamar Client Software • Lab Exercise 3-1: Create Avamar Groups • Lab Exercise 3-2: On-demand Snapups • Lab Exercise 3-3: Managing Backups • Lab Exercise 4-1: Running Restores • Lab Exercise 5-1: Using Avamar Enterprise Manager • Lab Exercise 5-2: Avamar Replication • Lab Exercise 6-1: Performing Daily System Monitoring Tasks • Lab Exercise 6-2: Using dpnctl • Lab Exercise 6-3: Daily Maintenance Activities • Lab Exercise 7-1: Exploring Avamar Processes and Logs • Lab Exercise 7-2: Running Standard and Custom Reports

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to: Describe the Avamar advantage over traditional backup systems Define Avamar terminology Describe Avamar system components and processes Describe the Avamar de-duplication backup process Install Avamar Administrator and Client software Create a group policy Run on-demand backups from the Avamar Administrator and the Avamar Client interfaces Restore files using Avamar Administrator and Avamar Web Restore interfaces Describe the types of Avamar replication and configure Avamar standard replication Describe Avamar server daily maintenance activities: checkpoints, HFS checks, and garbage collection Use Avamar tools to perform system monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting

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