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Engineers involved in the deployment of Unified Access soulutions and  Channel Partners looking for Advanced Unified Access or Advanced Enterprie Architecture Specialisation.

The Enterprise Network Unified Access Essentials course is presenting concepts, wired and wireless platforms, technologies, and services that are required for a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control the access of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) network. The reference network that is selected as a case study in this course is the fictitious Health To All (HTA) Hospital. This complete solution starts with Cisco design guides and professional services that lead the learner from planning and design to day-to-day operations at HTA Hospital. This BYOD solution also provides the necessary infrastructure, including wireless access points (APs), wireless LAN controllers (WLCs), security appliances, and network management tools. This infrastructure supports a highly secure, high-performing network that is accessible to a wide range of devices. HTA Hospital users vary from guests to corporate users, from employees to contractors. Users have personal computers and VoIP phones at their desks, as well as mobile computers, tablets, and smart phones. The network is used for accessing critical patient data, for voice and video traffic, for accessing different servers, and for web browsing. The Cisco solution addresses all the aspects of HTA Hospital and meets all the requirements for building a secure, scalable BYOD network. The course will connect the One Network, One Policy, One Management theme to a realistic customer use case. This course is run in a condensed time frame of 2.5 days as a Theory only course. Delegates looking to do both Unified Access and Intelligent WAN should consisder the UAIWANSEBC Course.

One Network—Building the Wired Foundation Wired Unified Access Infrastructure and Advanced Features One Management Foundation—Basic Cisco Prime Infrastructure Setup Prime Infrastructure Setup for Wired and Wireless Clients One Policy Foundation Basic Cisco ISE AAA and Guest Server Setup for Wired and Wireless Networks One Network—Building the Wireless Network Wireless Network Architecture Basic Wireless Connectivity and Functionality Wireless Network Security Wireless Network QoS Additional Wireless Features Converged Access Solution Design Overview Converged Access Solution Securing AnyAccess Securing AnyAccess with ISE Setting Up SGA for a BYOD Environment SmartOperations SmartOperations Overview Including EEM with GOLD and IP SLA Cisco Application Visibility and Control Cisco AVC Overview and Configuration Cisco Unified Access Monitoring and Troubleshooting with Cisco Prime Infrastructure and ISE Monitoring, Reporting, and Troubleshooting

Design and configure the wired network foundation upon which the Cisco Unified Access solution will be built Implement Cisco best practices for the initial configuration of Cisco Prime Infrastructure as design references for implementing the Cisco Unified Access architecture Utilize Cisco ISE AAA setup and guest server setup for wired and wireless networks Implement a wireless network that uses APs, Cisco Unified Wireless Network WLCs, switches, Cisco Prime Infrastructure, and the Cisco MSE Design and configure any access security using 802.1X and Cisco ISE Utilize Cisco IOS EEM with Cisco GOLD and Cisco IOS IP SLAs to assess the health and readiness of a Cisco Unified Access architecture Configure the AVC features Medianet and Mediatrace, Cisco Modular QoS, Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow traffic records, and Wireshark to ensure proper allocation of resources to high-priority applications Use Cisco Prime Infrastructure and Cisco ISE to monitor and troubleshoot a Cisco Unified Access network Implement Cisco ISE onboarding, Cisco Secure AnyConnect, Cisco ISE device registration procedures, 802.1X, and Cisco ISE profile for a secure BYOD solution Design and configure a converged access solution using Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switches and Cisco 5700 Series WLCs

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