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1 Day ILT    

This course is suitable for administrators, engineers and consultants, who will setup, manage and/or monitor HP ProLiant servers.

This 2-day course provides essential pre-Gen8 ProLiant training to System Administrators responsible for ProLiant servers. Students will be presented with an overview of HP products, tools, agents and utilities that will help them setup, deploy, monitor and maintain their ProLiant servers. Many practical hands-on lab exercises are presented on an HP ProLiant G7 server.

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Provide a brief overview of HP ProLiant G6 and G7 Server family, key features and supported operating systems. Discuss HP ProLiant configuration via Option ROM. Review HP online configuration utilities: Array Configuration Utility (ACU), Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility and Network Configuration Utility. Describe how to use HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM) to install, both locally and remotely, HP software components (drivers, agents, non-agents, utilities) and collections of firmware. Describe the six-step HP troubleshooting methodology along with tools, utilities and HP programs to assist in diagnostics of an HP ProLiant server. Review key features included in HP ProLiant Gen8. Review the HP Management Console (iLO3). Provide high-level steps required to prepare an HP ProLiant server for an operating system installation via HP SmartStart. Discuss HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP): family of deliverables, contents, key features and deployment options. Review how to use HP System Management Homepage (SMH) and the HP SNMP Agents and WBEM providers to proactively monitor a standalone HP ProLiant server. List HP products that simplify the installation, deployment, configuration, and maintenance of an HP ProLiant multi-server environment.

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