Essentials for IBM Cognos 8 BI: Supplement for Metadata Modelers (V8.4) Eğitimi

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Essentials for IBM Cognos 8 BI: Supplement for Metadata Modelers (V8.4) (B2405G )

IBM Course Code: J0453G

Essentials for IBM Cognos 8 BI: Supplement for Metadata Modelers (V8.4) is a self-paced course for metadata model Developers who have attended the Essentials for IBM Cognos 8 BI (V8.4) course. It provides them with knowledge of topics not previously covered in the Essentials course, including both advanced modeling concepts and additional modeling techniques available in Framework Manager. Participants will learn advanced concepts such as modeling for drill through, generated SQL for complex queries, parameterization, and optimizing and tuning models. They will be introduced to additional Framework Manager tasks such as creating analysis objects, maintaining models, and working in a multi-modeler environment.

Developers who have already attended the five-day course "IBM Cognos 8 BI Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (V8.4)" should not take this course, as these topics are included in the five-day course.

Who Needs to Attend

This advanced course is for Developers who design metadata models for use in IBM Cognos 8 BI.


  • Essentials for IBM Cognos 8 BI (V8.4) course

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Create Analysis Objects

  • Apply dimensional information to relational metadata to enable OLAP-style queries
  • Sort members for presentation and predictability

Manage MUNs in Framework Manager

  • Describe model types and data entities
  • Define members and member unique names
  • Identify changes that impact a MUN

Model for Drill-through in Framework Manager

  • Identify conformed values between data sources
  • Define a report drill through
  • Define a package-based drill through
  • Identify drill-through values

Advanced Generated SQL Concepts and Complex Queries

  • Governors that affect SQL generation
  • Stitch query SQL
  • Conformed and non-conformed dimensions in generated SQL
  • Multi-fact/multi-grain stitch query SQL
  • Variances in Report Studio generated SQL
  • Dimensionally modeled relational SQL generation
  • Cross join SQL
  • Various results sets for multi-fact queries

Use Advanced Parameterization Techniques in Framework Manager

  • Identify session and model parameters
  • Leverage session, model, and custom parameters
  • Create prompt macros
  • Leverage macro functions associated with security

Model Maintenance and Extensibility

  • Perform basic maintenance and management on a model
  • Remap metadata to another source
  • Import and link a second data source
  • Run scripts to automate or update a model
  • View lineage
  • Create a model report

Optimize and Tune Framework Manager Models

  • Identify and implement techniques to optimize and tune your Framework Manager models

Work in a Multi-modeler Environment

  • Implement repository control
  • Segment and link a project
  • Branch a project and merge results

Manage OLAP Data Sources

  • Connect to an OLAP data source (cube) in a Framework Manager project
  • Publish an OLAP model
  • Publish a model with multiple OLAP data sources
  • Publish a model with an OLAP data source and a relational data source

Manage Packages in Framework Manager

  • Specify package languages and function sets
  • Control model versioning
  • Nest packages

Employ Additional Framework Manager Modeling Techniques (Optional)

  • Leverage a user defined function
  • Set the order of operations in a model calculation
  • Externalize query subjects
  • Prepare IBM Cognos 8 content for use as a data source in Transformer
  • Create query sets

Model Multilingual Metadata (Optional)

  • Customize metadata for a multilingual audience

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