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Apple  » Final Cut Studio Eğitimler

FCP X for Experienced Editors

In this course, you will learn advanced editing and finishing techniques. Learn how to create fantastic effects using filters creatively, color correct like a pro, work with advance multi-cam techniques and create complex audio mixes. This course also covers advanced workflows for managing media, including using Compressor.

Who Should Attend

Individuals with a working knowledge of Final Cut Pro X and who want to increase their skills by learning advanced features and efficient workflows

What You'll Learn

  • Advanced media management with libraries and metadata
  • Working with compound clips and auditions
  • Advanced multi-cam techniques
  • Syncing audio and video from two separate sources
  • Targeting specific areas to color correct with shape and color masks
  • Fine tuning clips in the timeline with the precision editor
  • Working with the custom text generator to create character by character animation
  • Creating custom effects and transitions in Final Cut and Motion
  • Building bundles finishing and final output
  • Working with Compressor


  • Knowledge of Mac OS X and basic computer navigation
  • Thorough knowledge of editing terminology is highly recommended
  • Introduction to Final Cut Pro X (FCP 101-X)

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Organizing Your Media

  • Working with Metadata, Source Media Metadata, Auto-Analysis Metadata
  • Adding Your Own Metadata
  • Working with Metadata Views
  • Creating a New Metadata View
  • Modifying Existing Metadata Views
  • Duplicating and Deleting Metadata Views
  • Organizing Keywords
  • Adding Markers
  • Filtering Clips
  • Creating Advanced Smart Collections
  • Batch Renaming Clips
  • Relinking Clips

2. Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Modifying Edits
  • Project Defined Editing
  • Performing Audio Only Roll Edits
  • Backtiming Edits
  • Limiting Source Media
  • Combining Complex Edits
  • Overview of Storylines
  • Trim to Playhead
  • Trim to Selection
  • Using Secondary Storylines
  • Breaking Apart Storylines
  • Understanding Compound Clips
  • Adding Titles to Connected Clips

3. Working with Audio

  • Mastering Audio Levels
  • Working with Audio Meters and Waveforms
  • Adjusting Volume in the Timeline
  • Adjusting Volume Across a Selected Area
  • Animating Audio Levels
  • Subframe Audio Adjustments
  • Adjusting Volume in the Audio Inspector
  • Resetting All Volume Adjustments
  • Adjusting Volume from the Modify Menu or Keyboard
  • Nudging and Deleting Keyframes
  • Audio Fades
  • Crossfading between Clips
  • Panning Audio
  • Configuring Audio Channels
  • Stereo Panning
  • Animating Pan Effects
  • Panning in the Timeline
  • Surround Panning
  • Preset Pan Methods
  • Managing Audio Channels
  • Enabling and Disabling Channels
  • Syncing Audio and Video
  • Breaking Apart Audio Clips

4. Working with Audio Effects

  • Audio Equalization
  • Applying Enhancements Manually
  • Adjusting Equalization
  • Equalization Filters
  • Using Custom Controls
  • Turning Off or Removing a Clip Effect
  • Transferring Effects to other Clips
  • Levels Effects, Reverbs, Spaces and Echo Effects
  • Distortion Presets, Pitch Shifting and Voice Effects
  • Preserving Pitch When Retiming Clips
  • Animating Audio Effects

5. Multi-Camera Editing

  • Understanding Multicamera Editing
  • Creating a Multicam Clip
  • Viewing the Multicam Clip
  • Editing With Multicam Clips
  • Cutting Between Angles
  • Channel Selection
  • Switching Angles
  • Trimming Multicam Clips
  • Custom Multicam Clip Settings
  • Modifying a Multicam Clip
  • Changing Order
  • Fixing Sync
  • Adding/Deleting an Angle
  • Adding Effects

6. Keying and Compositing

  • Using Keying and Masking Effects
  • Automatic Keying and Manual Sampling
  • Using a Garbage Mask
  • Advanced Keying Features
  • Intro to Blend Modes
  • Compositing Graphics
  • Layered PSD Graphics

7. Creating Animation and Advanced Workflows

  • Creating an Animated Slideshow using Ken Burns
  • Animating a Split Screen Intro using Keyframes
  • Keyframing in the Viewer
  • Keyframing in the Inspector
  • Adjusting Keyframe Positions in the Video Animation Editor
  • Creating a Travel Matte
  • Working with Custom Text
  • Sending a Generator to Motion for adjustments
  • Sending a Generator from Motion's Library to Final Cut

8. Primary Color Correction

  • Understanding Color Correction
  • Using an Appropriate Display
  • Using the Highest Quality Media
  • Learning and Exploring the Color Correction Interface
  • Using Video Scopes
  • Adjusting Contrast Using the Color Board
  • Using the Color Controls
  • Manually Eliminating Color Casts
  • Using the Global Color Control
  • Adjusting Saturation
  • Changing Saturation with Contrast Adjustments
  • Dissolving Between Two Grades

9. Secondary Color Correction

  • Using Color Masks
  • Working Inside and Outside of Masks
  • Using Shapes to Target Frame Regions
  • Using a Shape to Create a Vignette
  • Combining Shapes
  • Combining Shapes and Masks
  • Masking Difficult-to-Isolate Skin Tones
  • Masking Corrections to the Sky
  • Animating Shapes

10. Media Management 101: Working With Libraries and Projects

  • Opening, Closing and Duplicating Libraries
  • Duplicating Projects and Project Snapshots
  • Working with Project Backups
  • Freeing up Disk Space
  • Deleting Render Files
  • Deleting Optimized or Proxy Media
  • Modifying Storage Location Settings
  • Moving Libraries Between Computers
  • Consolidating Material
  • Moving and Copying Clips Between Libraries and Projects
  • Creating Optimized or Proxy Media

11. Advanced Sharing and Sending to Compressor

  • Creating a Bundle in FCPX
  • Sending to Compressor
  • Exporting Projects and Media for Finishing
  • XML Round Trips
  • Exporting Media Using Roles
  • Sending to Compressor
  • Understanding the Compressor User Interface
  • The Compressor Workflow: Batches, Jobs, and Settings
  • Creating a Batch
  • Adding Jobs
  • Applying Settings, Destinations, and Actions
  • Using Automatic Settings vs. Auto Detect Settings
  • Creating Custom Settings: Encoder, Frame, Filters, Geometry, Actions
  • Creating and Using Droplets

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