Fundamentals of IBM Rational System Architect, V11.4 Eğitimi

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1 Day ILT    

Fundamentals of IBM Rational System Architect, V11.4 (QB133G)

This course provides an introduction to using IBM Rational System Architect. Working with a simple scenario, you learn about the Rational System Architect environment, including an overview of:

  • Supported methodologies and notations, Encyclopedia concepts, Drawing techniques, Model components, Reporting.

The example spans the enterprise architecture (EA) layers. A number of standard notations are used to capture and present the information. Emphasis is placed in relating model artifacts, and basic analysis techniques. This course is a combination of lecture and hands on exercises.

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What You'll Learn

  • Describe some of the benefits of capturing and planning with EA models
  • State some benefits of capturing EA in Rational System Architect
  • Use Rational System Architect to build artifacts that represent aspects of the enterprise architecture
  • Do some light analysis of, and reporting on the model

Who Needs to Attend

  • Enterprise architects
  • Solution architects
  • Portfolio managers
  • IT managers
  • Data modelers
  • Business analysts
  • Program or project managers
  • Development team leads
  • Software designers and testers
  • System engineers


  • Getting Started with IBM Rational System Architect, V11.3 (QB166), A Web based course IBM Rational System Architect Quick start tutorial at

Follow-On Courses

  • DoDAF 2.0 Modeling with IBM Rational System Architect V.11.4 (QB138G)

Course Outline

  • About This Course
  • Benefits of Enterprise Architecture
  • IBM Rational System Architect Overview
  • Getting Started
  • Capturing Relationships
  • Analysis via Reports
  • Course Summary and Next Steps

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