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2 Days ILT    

HP Moonshot Administration

Install, configure, and manage the HP Moonshot.

This course trains you to install, configure, and manage the HP Moonshot. You will also learn to install a Linux operating system on the Moonshot via PXE and the Cluster Management Utility (CMU). The course consists of a series of labs that will be completed on Moonshot systems from the HP Virtual Labs.

What You'll Learn

  • Primary components and features of HP Moonshot
  • Install, configure, and manage Moonshot
  • Service and support
  • Use CMU to deploy Linux on the HP ProLiant Moonshot Server cartridges

Who Needs to Attend

Administrators, engineers, and consultants who maintain and manage Moonshot's technical aspects


  • General networking terminology
  • Basic network security concepts
  • A general understanding of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 or higher

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Course Overview

2. Tour of the Product

  • Key components of the Moonshot program
  • Benefits of Moonshot
  • Primary Moonshot components
  • Locate, remove, and replace the primary Moonshot components
  • Determine if Moonshot is operating properly

3. Installation and Configuration

  • Remove and replace the various Moonshot components
  • Access the Moonshot CM Module CLI from the serial and network ports
  • Common Moonshot CM CLI commands
  • Access the Moonshot-45G Switch Module from the CLI
  • Use PXE to install Linux on a Moonshot Server Cartridge
  • Stack Moonshot through the uplink module ports

4. Use and Maintain

  • Moonshot-related software and firmware
  • Moonshot firmware
  • Moonshot IPMI functionality

5. Support

  • Services and Support Strategy Moonshot product

6. Service and Repair

  • CSR Moonshot components
  • Common Linux diagnostic commands
  • Moonshot-related log files
  • Moonshot troubleshooting features

7. Insight CMU

  • HP Insight CMU reference materials
  • Functions and features of CMU
  • Using the CMU GUI to accomplish common management tasks
  • Adding nodes to the CMU database and group into logical groups
  • Generate a 'Golden Image' of an OS image that exists on a ProLiant Moonshot Server Cartridge
  • Clone the Golden Image to other ProLiant Moonshot Server Cartridges in the same logical group


Lab 1: HP Virtual Room and Lab Fundamentals

Lab 2: Moonshot Chassis Management Module CLI

Lab 3: Moonshot-45G Switch Module CLI

Lab 4: Using PXE to load an OS to a Moonshot Server Cartridge

Lab 5: Updating Moonshot Firmware

Lab 6: CMU Node Management

Lab 7: Backing up and Cloning a Moonshot Node

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