HP NonStop NB-Series Server Administration I Eğitimi

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HP NonStop NB-Series Server Administration I (HG776)

In this course, you will learn the HP Integrity NonStop NB-series server architecture and basic software functionality, including functions of Open System Management (OSM), Tandem Advanced Command Language (TACL), and Subsystem Control Facility (SCF) for system, disk drive, tape drive, and communications line monitoring. You will learn about functional commands used to enable system file monitoring with the File Utility Program (FUP) and system spooler monitoring with PERUSE and SPOOLCOM. You will spend 20 percent of class using HP servers in hands-on labs.

What You'll Learn

  • Integrity NonStop BladeSystem server architecture, OSM, TACL, and SCF commands
  • Computing environments and operator tasks
  • Start up, monitor, and shut down your NB-series server and its subsystems
  • Change system configuration and recover from a previous setup
  • Use TACL, FUP, and SCF commands
  • Manage security, disks, tapes, processes, and applications
  • View, modify, and correct system spooler and print job problems
  • Manage your Integrity NonStop NB-series server
  • Resolve common problems

Who Needs to Attend

  • System operators, administrators, and analysts
  • Technical support analysts


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Computing Environments and Operator Tasks

  • Basic data processing
  • Integrity NonStop BladeSystem operations
  • Problem solving and problem prevention

2. NonStop Multi-Core Architecture (NSMA)

  • ServerNet environment
  • Maintenance architecture
  • Mirrored disk volumes

3. Operator Tools: TACL, OSM, and SCF

  • TACL
  • TACL environment
  • OSM
  • Monitoring enclosures, hardware, and software
  • Event Management Service (EMS)
  • Monitoring processors
  • SCF
  • Monitoring disks, printers, tape drives, and terminals

4. Managing Files

  • File system
  • FUP

5. Managing Security

  • Types of security issues
  • Managing NonStop operating system security

6. Managing Disks and Tapes

  • Disk volumes
  • Cluster I/O Module (CLIM) storage subsystem
  • Legacy storage subsystem
  • SCF CLIM disk drive actions
  • Checking disk drive actions
  • Tapes and tape drives
  • Backup and restore operations for OSS and NonStop SQL/MX
  • Labeled-tape operations using MEDIACOM
  • Common tape problems

7. Managing Processes and Applications

  • Processes
  • Common process problems
  • Pathway/iTS applications
  • Client/server applications
  • NonStop Transaction Management Facility (TMF)

8. Managing Printers and the Spooler

  • Spooler concepts
  • Common spooler and printer problems
  • Working with spooler jobs: PERUSE

9. Managing LANs and WANs

  • Networking CLIM
  • IOAME network legacy connections
  • Common problems: legacy connections

Appendix A: HP Integrity NonStop Carrier-Grade BladeSystem Differences (Optional)

  • System description, characteristics, and features
  • Carrier-grade requirements
  • Commercial and carrier-grade comparison


Lab 1: Monitor system hardware

  • SCF and hardware monitoring

Lab 2: Disk Space Analysis Program (DSAP)

Lab 3: Monitor and manipulate processes

Lab 4: Printers and the spooler

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