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3 Days ILT    

This course is susitalbe for anyone reqauiring an introductory course to SQL and working with the NonStop SQL/MX product.

This 5-day course is an introduction to SQL, relational database principles, and the HP NonStop™ SQL/MX product and serves as a prerequisite to more advanced NonStop SQL/MX courses. Hands-on lab sessions provide practical experience with generating SQL/MX queries to access data and creating database objects (catalogs, tables, indexes, views, and constraints).

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Describe relational database concepts and terminology Describe the HP NonStop™ SQL/MX processes and objects Start a mxci session and use ANSI names SQL/MX database objects Describe the basic process to write queries and the tools to evaluate the query performance Use the mxci SELECT statement and predicates to retrieve data from single tables List the types of functions supported in SQL/MX Retrieve data from: multiple tables using joins and union operations from derived tables using query expressions using subqueries Create a SQL/MX database (Catalog, Schema,Tables, Indexes, Views and Constraints) Modify data in a table using SQL/MX INSERT,UPDATE, and DELETE statements Describe the SQL/MX access options and isolation levels Describe SQL/MX database management functions

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