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3 Days ILT    

This course is suitable for Storage administrators responsible for the configuration and management of HP StorageWorks P9500 disk arrays.

This 5-day course introduces students to the P9500 disk array terminology, function, architecture, and configuration. Students will get configuration practice on our P9500's with LUN and Volume Management, Data Replication, Cache Partitioning, External Storage, Thin Provisioning, AutoLUN and Command View XP Advanced Edition. In addition we will cover the concepts of Continuous Access and Snapshot XP. Performance Advisor is also mentioned in this course.

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Understand the hardware architecture of the HP StorageWorks P9500 disk array. Understand how to implement LUN Security. Understand P9000 replication products: P9000 Business Copy, P9000 Snapshot, and P9000 Continuous Access. Understand how to use Thin Provisioning. Use Performance Advisor software. Use the new SVP Command line to manage the array. Configure LUNs. Task Wizards. Use the new Remote Web Console user interface to manage and view P9500 configuration information. Use MPIO products to handle multiple paths to a LUN. Understand how to use External Storage. Understand how to use AutoLUN. Use Command View Advanced Edition to manage the P9500 array. Set the Fibre Port Topology for the P9500 ports. Use the Volume Manager to create LUSE and Custom Size Volumes. Reporting tool.

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