HP StorageWorks XP 2: Business Continuity and Availability Eğitimi

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HP StorageWorks XP 2: Business Continuity and Availability (U8443)

In this course, you will build on your XP training with this in-depth training on the more complex software products used with the XP Disk Array Family. You will gain a better understanding of how to use these products and deliver solutions to real world design questions.

What You'll Learn

  • Current range of XP Disk Arrays
  • Configuration and data layout in an XP array
  • Configure an XP for use with external storage
  • Use thin provisioning to provide virtual capacity to hosts
  • Functionality of business copy and business copy snapshot
  • Configure Continuous Access Synchronous, Asynchronous and Journaling
  • Use Raid Manager with business copy and continuous access
  • Functionality and applicability of AutoLUN for performance management and data migration
  • Use performance control to apply performance strategies to hosts
  • Analyze the behavior of an XP from a performance perspective using Performance Advisor
  • Use Cache Residency (CacheLUN)
  • Apply the functionality of CVAE Tiered Storage Manager to data migration
  • Provision virtual disks to multiple operating systems using the CVAE provisioning manager
  • Use CVAE Replication Monitor in conjunction with business copy and continuous access

Who Needs to Attend

Storage administrators


  • Understanding of storage technologies and interconnects
  • Working knowledge of connecting storage and mounting file systems on storage devices in HP-UX or Windows 2000
  • Working knowledge of Fibre Channel
  • HP StorageWorks XP 1: Configuration and Management (H6773)

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. XP Array

  • XP Disk Array Models
  • XP Frames
  • Controller Architecture
  • Parity Groups
  • XP RAID Levels
  • HP StorageWorks XP Software Portfolio

2. XP Array Operations and Design Guidelines

  • XP Array Terminology
  • XP Disk Array Logical View
  • XP Crossbar Architecture
  • CHA or CHiP
  • CSW and Cache Memory
  • DKA or ACP
  • Shared Memory
  • Front End Rules of Thumb
  • Array Groups, Parity Groups, and RAID Levels
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Determining How the Array will be Used
  • Concatenated RAID Groups to Distribute I/O Load
  • XP Disk Array LDEV Interleaving (Striping)
  • Data End-to-End Protection
  • Dynamic Spare Disk
  • Microprocessors Write/Read Performance
  • DKCs, DKUs, B4s, HDUs, and HDD numbering

3. Performance Analysis

  • Gather Data
  • I/O Chain
  • Type of I/O Suffering
  • Write, Read, and Latency Problems
  • Fixing Problems
  • Case Studies

4. External Storage XP

  • External Storage Concepts and Functionality
  • Supported External Storage Devices
  • External LUN
    • Specifications
  • CLPR Use with External Storage XP
  • External Storage Path Modes
  • Data Migration Using External Storage
  • External Storage XP Best Practices
  • Powering Off Disk Arrays

5. HP StorageWorks XP Thin Provisioning (THP)

  • Thin Provisioning XP
  • THP Operation Sequence
  • THP Pools
  • THP Usage with Other Program Products
  • THP BC Usage Details
  • THP Usage with Partitioning
  • THP DMT Reads and Writes
  • THP Performance

6. Cache Residency (Formerly CacheLUN)

  • Cache Residency XP
  • Cache Residency Modes
  • Cache Residency Size Calculations

7. Performance Monitor

  • Data Collection
  • Viewing Collected Data
  • Performance Monitor Export Tool
  • Data Export

8. Performance Control

  • Performance Control XP
  • Applying Port and WWN Thresholds
  • Performance Control Export Tool

9. AutoLUN

  • Auto LUN XP
  • AutoLUN Migration
  • AutoLUN and LUSE Reserve Source and Target Volumes
  • AutoLUN Monitor and Estimate Functions
  • AutoLUN Automatic Migrations
  • AutoLUN Preset
    • User Defined Intervals
  • AutoLUN Attribute
  • AutoLUN Manual Migration Steps

10. Business Copy (BC) and Business Copy Snapshot

  • Comparison of Snapshot and Business Copy
  • XP Business Copy Operations and States
  • Business Copy XP and Snapshot XP Full Copy vs. Snapshot
  • Raid Manager for SnapShot XP
  • Restore
  • Snapshot Maintenance Operations
  • Combining Snapshot XP with Auto LUN XP and LUN Security XP Extension

11. Raid Manager for BC

  • Raid Manager XP
  • Creating, Configuring, and Using horcm#.conf Files
  • RAID Manager Commands
  • Using RAID Manager to Manage Business Copy and Continuous Access Pairs
  • Manual AutoLun Migrations

12. Snapshot

  • Requirements and Components
  • Comparison of Snapshot and Business Copy
  • Snapshot Sspecifications
  • Snapshot User Interface Summary
  • General Setup Operations
  • Raid Manager for SnapShot XP
  • Snapshot Maintenance Operations

13. Continuous Access (CA)

  • CA Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Journaling
  • CA Operations and States
  • Using and Configuring Each Type of CA
  • Using Raid Manager and CA

14. Raid Manager for CA

  • Instance Configuration File
  • Mirror Unit (MU) Descriptors
  • Consistency Groups
  • Pair Commands

15. LUN and Volume Management

  • Open-V Install CV
  • Formatting Volumes
  • Deleting a Volume
  • LUN Manager Review
  • Host Groups
  • LUNs
  • Command Devices

16. Perfomance Analysis Discussion

  • Analysis Using PA Reports
  • Performance Scenarios Using Captured Data

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