HP Thin Client Operating Systems and Imaging with HP Device Manager Eğitimi

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1 Day ILT    

Individuals participating in this course should be those who are required to have a technical knowledge of the HP Thin Client Solution.

This 2-day course provides an overview of the HP Thin Client operating systems and imaging and an opportunity to work with the thin clients. It allows the students to capture and deploy images and gain experience with each currently supported thin client operating system. The course has a virtual lab component that gives students a chance to practice imaging with HP Device Manager and to perform other operations with HP Thin Clients.

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List the options that can be used to image HP Thin Clients and describe the advantages of each imaging option. Use HP Device Manager to capture and restore the image on HP Thin Clients. Identify the HP Thin Clients at a customer's site. Setup, configure, and use an HP Thin Client with each of the supported operating systems:- *HP ThinPro - * Microsoft Windows CE - * Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard. Use HP Device Manager to perform various thin client management operations.

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