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This Hewlett Packard HP-UX Operating System and Posix Shell Programming training course introduces the delegate to the main concepts of the HP-UX Operating System. The most commonly used commands are described in detail as are the command line wildcard and redirection facilities. The mechanisms by which a user acquires a login environment are discussed and the main features of the Korn/Posix/Bash Shells are introduced The course is designed to give delegates practical experience in developing and writing shellscripts. Most of the built-in shell commands are introduced together with the main program control structures.

HP-UX Fundamentals Training Course Course Contents - DAY 1 Course Introduction Administration and Course Materials Course Structure and Agenda Delegate and Trainer Introductions Session 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE HP-UX OPERATING SYSTEM A brief history of UNIX The UNIX kernel The UNIX file system A login session Getting started navigating the file system The file system structure Directories and files Pathnames Navigating the file system Exercise: Logging on to the system Exercise: Navigating the file system Session 2: BASIC COMMANDS Command line syntax Basic file handling commands Basic Directory handling commands Filename wildcard characters Exercise: Manipulating files and directories Session 3: REDIRECTION AND PIPES Input redirection Output redirection Pipes Exercise: Using redirection and pipe facilities HP-UX Fundamentals Training Course Course Contents - DAY 2 Session 4: INTRODUCTION TO THE vi EDITOR Overview of the vi editor Basic functions Switching to input mode Other useful commands Exercises: Using the vi editor Exercise: Using more advanced vi features Session 5: SEARCHING AND REPLACING TEXT Replacing text Using the vi editor Using sed for search and replace Searching for text with grep Exercises: Searching and Replacing Text Session 6: RECALLING AND EDITING COMMANDS Overview The Bash shell The Korn shell Exercises: Recall and Edit Commands Session 7: FILE PERMISSIONS AND ACCESS CONTROL Users and user groups File access permissions Changing file attributes Switching users and user groups Linking files Exercise: Setting and access permissions HP-UX Fundamentals Training Course Course Contents - DAY 3 Session 8: PROCESSES What is a process Monitoring processes Killing processes Background processes Job Control Grouping commands Exercise: Monitoring and controlling processes Session 9: THE USER ENVIRONMENT Customising the .profile or .bash_profile Customising the .kshrc or .bashrc Exercise: Setting up an environment Session 10: MORE BASIC COMMANDS The find command The cut command The sort command The finger command Exercise: Using file handling commands HP-UX Fundamentals Training Course Course Contents - DAY 4 Session 11: UNIX COMMAND REVIEW Basic Unix commands General commands File and directory handling commands Filename generation characters I/O Redirection features Other commands Session 12: GETTING STARTED What is a shell script Development guidelines Creating and editing shell scripts Naming and storing shell scripts Executing shell scripts Exercise: Write a simple shell script Session 13: USING VARIABLES Environment variables Local variables Assigning values to variables Assessing variable values Using quotes Delimiting variable names Echo control sequences Exercise: Add variables to a script Session 14: INTEGER ARITHMETIC Using the expr command Using the (( )) notation Exercise: Add integer arithmetic to a shell script Session 15: HANDLING RUN TIME DATA The read command Command line arguments Exercise: Writing a generic shell script Exercise: Writing an interactive shell script Session 16: CONDITION EXECUTION The if statement The test command Other test notations Default and substitute variables Exit status codes Exercise: Adding validation to previous scripts HP-UX Fundamentals Training Course Course Contents - DAY 5 Session 17: LOOP CONSTRUCTS The while loop The until loop The for loop The while true and until false loops Loop control commands Exercise: Enhancing the previously written scripts Exercise: Writing a script to copy files using a 'for' loop Exercise: Writing a script to generate numbers with the 'while' loop Session 18: MULTI-BRANCH DECISIONS The case statement Menu driven applications Exercise: Developing and writing a menu system Session 19: FUNCTIONS What is a function Syntax Examples Exercise: Add a function to a script Session 20: INTERRUPT HANDLING Interrupt signals Trapping interrupts Exercise: Adding traps to the menu script Session 21: ADDITIONAL FEATURES AND FACILITIES The exec commands The includes notation More about loops Arrays Here Documents Exercise: Create a here script

To provide the skills needed to work productively in an HP-UX environment to develop and customise shell programs.

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