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3 Days ILT    

This course is suitable for experienced HP-UX system administrators.

This course covers the procedures necessary for setting up and managing the HP-UX disk subsystem using Logical Volume Manager (LVM). You will also gain experience with MirrorDisk/UX using various recovery techniques to provide data redundancy and protection against possible disk failure. The course is 60 percent lecture and 40 percent hands-on labs using HP servers.

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Introduction to disk space management and LVM Creating and managing volume groups and logical volumes Setting LVM mirroring policies Moving data in an LVM environment Monitoring and tuning LVM performance LVM Considerations for Disk Arrays LVM concepts and structures Configuring and managing mirrored logical volumes Creating and managing striped and distributed logical volumes Recovering LVM disks and structures Configuring and managing LVM boot disks on PA-RISC and Itanium

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