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Web DevelopersWeb ProgrammersAnalyst/Programmers

This standard course provides an in-depth 5-day development programme to cover and explore the main development technologies used to develop internet ready applications.Uniquely combing HTML, JavaScript and XML within a standard 5-day class, students will learn the full Internet development tools necessary to understand and deliver Internet pages and applications using any overlaying development technology. This course also provides the necessary skills needed to act as pre-requisite to Java development for the Internet. Oracle is used as the example database platform.

Introduction to HTMLIntroduction to Internet Technology, History of the Internet, TCP/IP HTML Document StructureHTML tags, Using reserved/special characters in HTML, Inserting Comments, The title & body tags Basic Text CommandsPhysical style tagsContent Style tags Working with fonts Images & MultimediaImage formats - a discussion of using images and its impact on download time. The <img> tag - using images in your web document.Using audio in your web documentImage Maps Using HyperlinksIP addresses, linking to other areas of your website, linking to other web sites Using TablesDetailed look at using tables to format your HTML documentAdvanced table tags - using captions, headers and footers Cascading Style SheetsIn-line styles, Document level styles, External style sheets, A discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of using the various style types. HTML FormsMethods of sending data using forms, Encryption of form's content, Emailing a form's content, Text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, text areas, pull-down lists, password and hidden field typesForm design FramesUsing frames and frameset tagsCoping with non-frame browsers, Inline frames The JavaScript LanguageSyntax, Datatypes, VariablesJavaScript operatorsFlow control statementsStrings methodsindexOf(), substring(), split() FunctionsArrays The Document Object ModelThe Math objectThe Date ObjectControlling WindowsWindows featuresOverview of DHTML Controlling FramesFrames and the DOMUsing JavaScript to control frames Timing your JavaScript Using setTimeout() Event Handlers Images & JavaScript Simple & complex rollovers Forms & JavaScriptUsing JavaScript to validate a form's fields Introduction to XMLHistory, Overview of ConceptsNamespaces Review of parsing, XML parsers for programming languages, The DOM parser, Business logic and computation, SAX: Simple API for XML XML ConceptsWhat is XMLXML Syntax and Structure,DTD XML parser and APIs DOM and SAX XSL, XSQLBenefitsRetrieve data with XSQLXSQL and XSL XML SchemasWhat is an XML schema Schemas and DTDXSD features Formatting and Presenting XML and Data (XSL)XSL LanguageXSL for transformationXPath, CSSUsing XSUThe XML SQL UtilitiesBenefits of XSUGenerating DTDXSU: inserting and updating rowsXSU: installation and requirements Storing and Searching XMLMethods for storing XMLStorage as LOBs, CLOBUntagged dataStorage as relational data

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