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This intermediate course is for anyone who might need to query or administer Big SQL tables.

This course is designed to educate the student on IBM BigInsights Big SQL. Initially the student learns how to set up various BigInsights components to access Big SQL. Next, administration of Big SQL is covered. The student creates Hive tables, local, external, and partitioned, that can be accessed by Big SQL. Then, the same is done for HBase tables. The course winds up covering some query performance topics as well as defining complex structures in a table.

IBM BigInsights Big SQL Overview Big sQL Server and Clients Big SQL Administration Big sQL HBase Support Big sQL Query Tuning and Complex Data Types

Use the following to access Big SQL JSqsh BigInsights Console BigInsights Eclipse development environment Create schemas Create and load Hive tables Local tables External tables Partitioned tables Create HBase tables and map Big SQL columns to that table Query Big SQL tables User Big SQL query hints to aid in query performance Create tables that have columns made up of complex structures

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