IBM Cognos 8 BI Administration: Adv. Architecture and Troubleshooting V8.4 Eğitimi

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IBM Cognos 8 BI Administration: Adv. Architecture and Troubleshooting V8.4 (B2419G )

IBM Course Code: J0419G

IBM Cognos 8 BI Administration: Advanced Architecture and Troubleshooting (V8.4) is a three-day self-paced course that teaches participants how to identify components and sub-components of the IBM Cognos 8 architecture and how to troubleshoot these components using various tools and techniques. Through hands-on exercises participants will identify IBM Cognos 8 components, examine how these components interact with Java, and identify specific examples of request flows through the system. They will also configure logging on these components to troubleshoot issues.

Who Needs to Attend

This advanced course is intended for Administrators responsible for troubleshooting the IBM Cognos 8 environment.


You should have:

  • IBM Cognos 8 BI Administration course
  • or equivalent experience administering the IBM Cognos 8 environment
  • IBM Cognos 8 BI Administration (V8.4) (B2455G)

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Architecture Overview

  • The big picture
  • Java based components
  • C++ components

Java Memory Management

  • Java memory layout
  • How much Java heap is enough?
  • What is garbage collection?

Data Access and Modeling

  • Identify the DA and M component stack
  • Compare lightweight modeling versus heavyweight modeling
  • Examine DA and M request flow examples

Request Flows

  • Outline the steps required to process a request
  • Identify request types
  • Identify examples of request flows

Additional Tools and Special Task Logging

  • Utilities
  • Extracting the model from the Content Store - CMTester
  • Portal Trace
  • Drill Through Assistant
  • Perf.QFS
  • Garbage Collection
  • Core Dump Files
  • URL Commands

Transformer Logging (Optional)

  • Build logs
  • Cognos 8 package and report logging
  • DatDebugOn
  • MdcDebugOn

IPF Logging

  • Internal logging
  • Define IPF logging
  • IPF architecture and configuration files
  • Three types of indications
  • Fields for audit, trace, and performance indications

Component Logging

  • RSVP
  • BIBus
  • Dispatcher
  • Gateway
  • CQE
  • UDA
  • Analysis Studio
  • PowerPlay Studio
  • Query Framework
  • Dbgview
  • SAP
  • Upgrade
  • Performance

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