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IBM Cognos 8 BI Administration (V8.4) (B2455G)

IBM Course Code: J0456G

IBM Cognos 8 BI Administration (V8.4) is a self-paced course designed to teach new administrators the fundamental responsibilities of administering servers and content in IBM Cognos 8 BI. Through hands-on exercises, students will set up the IBM Cognos 8 BI system, implement security, and manage the server components. Students will also monitor and schedule tasks, create data sources, manage and deploy content, manage content in IBM Cognos Connection, and configure IBM Cognos 8 Go! Office.

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate course is for Administrators (system, directory, and content administrators).


  • Knowledge of Web application server architectures and security systems administration
  • Experience using the Windows operating system
  • Experience using a Web browser
  • Knowledge of your business requirements

Follow-On Courses

  • IBM Cognos 8 BI PowerPlay Administration (V8.4) (B2475G )

Course Outline

Overview of IBM Cognos 8 BI

  • Discuss IBM Cognos 8 and Performance Management
  • Describe IBM Cognos 8 BI components
  • Describe IBM Cognos 8 architecture at a high level
  • Define IBM Cognos 8 groups and roles
  • Explain how to extend IBM Cognos 8

Introduction to IBM Cognos 8 BI Administration

  • Identify the role of the Administrator in relation to the IBM Cognos 8 BI Administration workflow process
  • Identify �the role of IBM Cognos 8 Administration and IBM Cognos Configuration

Identify IBM Cognos 8 BI Architecture

  • Features of the IBM Cognos 8 BI architecture
  • Three architectural tiers
  • IBM Cognos 8 BI servlets and services
  • Default servlet container and alternatives to its use
  • IBM Cognos 8 BI request processing
  • Installation options
  • Load balancing mechanisms
  • Configuration options
  • IBM Cognos Application Firewall
  • Perform a distributed installation and configuration of IBM Cognos 8 BI on a single machine

Secure the IBM Cognos 8 BI Environment

  • Identify the IBM Cognos 8 BI security model
  • Define authentication in IBM Cognos 8 BI
  • Define authorization in IBM Cognos 8 BI
  • Identify security policies
  • Secure the IBM Cognos 8 BI environment

Administer the IBM Cognos 8 BI Server Environment

  • Describe the tasks required to administer the IBM Cognos 8 BI server environment
  • Perform administrative tasks using IBM Cognos Administration
  • Manage dispatchers and services
  • Examine the log message facility
  • Discuss server performance tuning
  • Identify issues while troubleshooting the server environment
  • Identify the IBM Cognos 8 BI backup strategy

Manage Run Activities

  • Manage current, upcoming and past activities
  • Manage schedules
  • Enable and disable schedules
  • Set queue priority for schedules

Manage Content in IBM Cognos Administration

  • Add a data source
  • Distribute data and create a distribution list
  • Plan a deployment
  • Create deployment folders
  • Export and import entries
  • Identify how to maintain the IBM Cognos 8 BI content store
  • Configure saving content to the file system
  • Discuss customizing the appearance of IBM Cognos 8 BI using styles
  • Discuss using portlets to display custom Web content

Manage Content in IBM Cognos Connection

  • Schedule and manage reports
  • View lineage information
  • Add comments to saved output
  • Personalize and organize content
  • Set alerts and watch rules
  • Design a portal page and dashboard
  • Set permissions using IBM Cognos 8 BI groups and roles

Additional Configuration and Customization

  • Configure IBM Cognos Go! Office
  • Map Manager
  • Manage user profiles
  • Add the My Learning portal tab
  • Add objects to the toolbox tab
  • Create a custom template option
  • Manage packages in IBM Cognos Connection

Drill-through Definitions

  • Discuss parameter-driven drill through
  • Discuss dynamic drill through
  • Set up package-based drill-through definitions
  • Set scope
  • Use the Drill Through Assistant

Appendix A: Examine cogserver.log Process Flows (Optional)

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