IBM Cognos 8 BI: Essentials for Managing BI Projects (V8.4) Eğitimi

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IBM Cognos 8 BI: Essentials for Managing BI Projects (V8.4) (J0432G)

IBM Course Code: J0432G

IBM Cognos 8 BI: Essentials for Managing BI Projects (V8.4) is a two-day, self-paced course that provides participants with essential knowledge to ensure the success of their Cognos 8 BI implementation. Participants will be introduced to the Cognos Solutions Implementation Methodology (CSIM), the elements of IBM Cognos 8 BI, and the underlying architecture. They will examine the process of creating an IBM Cognos 8 BI solution, and discuss how IBM Cognos 8 BI relates to the other parts of IBM Cognos 8. Participants will be shown a range of resources to help them successfully manage their implementations.

Who Needs to Attend

This advanced course is intended for Project Managers, Implementation Team Stakeholders.


Students should have:

  • Understanding of company's business intelligence process and reporting needs

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Essentials for Managing BI Projects

  • Limitations with traditional reporting
  • The evolution of the BI market
  • The need for a BI enterprise solution
  • Success criteria for a BI enterprise solution
  • The appropriate approach for implementing a BI project
  • The IBM Cognos Solutions Implementation Methodology (IBM Cognos SIM)
  • The value of knowing business unit perspectives
  • Project roles and responsibilities
  • The importance of training

2. Analyze Data Requirements

  • How do organizations think dimensionally about their data
  • Dimensions, facts, and granularity
  • The function of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a business and with scorecards and other BI components
  • Common data sources, data architecture designs, and industry terminology
  • Dimensional modeling and conformed dimensions

3. Analyze User Requirements

  • Identify how to establish project goals and requirements
  • Use the interview process as a means to determine business and data requirements of users
  • Create a dimension map from KPIs
  • Discuss how to choose a business area to prototype
  • Enrich the basic dimension map

4. Analyze Reporting and Infrastructure Requirements

  • What is the difference between Reporting, Querying, Analysis, Scorecarding, and Event Management
  • How does the 'Analyze then Query' approach provide the BI solution for an enterprise
  • Identify different categories of users
  • Identify the appropriate IBM Cognos product to meet requirements
  • Examine IBM Cognos 8 BI architecture and security

5. Design, Build, Deploy, and Operate

  • Considerations for designing and building BI applications
  • Testing and deploying BI applications
  • Operating and maintaining BI applications

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