IBM Cognos 8 Planning: Essentials for Managing Planning Projects (V8.4) Eğitimi

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1 Day ILT    

IBM Cognos 8 Planning: Essentials for Managing Planning Projects (V8.4) (P1409G )

IBM Course Code: J0409G

IBM Cognos 8 Planning: Essentials for Managing Planning Projects (V8.4) is a two-day, self paced course designed to teach project managers how to help ensure the success of an IBM Cognos 8 Planning implementation. Participants will be introduced to the IBM Cognos Solutions Implementation Methodology (CSIM), the elements of IBM Cognos 8 Planning, and the underlying architecture. They will examine the process of creating an IBM Cognos 8 Planning solution, and discuss how Planning relates to the other parts of IBM Cognos 8. Participants will be shown a range of resources to help them successfully manage their implementations.

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate course is for Project Managers.


You should have:

  • Understanding of your company's planning process and reporting needs
  • Working knowledge of Excel

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Introduction to the Essentials for Managing Planning Projects

  • Examine design
  • Identify different approaches for implementing Planning projects
  • Select the appropriate approach for implementing Planning projects
  • Identify the stages of the IBM Cognos Solutions Implementation Methodology (IBM Cognos SIM)
  • List components of a training plan

Analyze Requirements

  • Identify roles and responsibilities of the project team
  • Use the interview process to determine requirements
  • Determine business, data, and reporting requirements of Planning users
  • Integrate with other IBM Cognos 8 products for data sources and reporting
  • Examine the IBM Cognos 8 Planning architecture
  • Consider the benefits and challenges of remote processing
  • Examine installation environment options
  • Identify the training requirements for the Analyze phase

Design and Build the Solution

  • Identify considerations for designing and building Analyst models and Contributor applications
  • Explore how to convert an Analyst model to a Contributor application
  • Explore the already-designed blueprints from the IBM Cognos Innovation Center
  • Test the total solution using a V-Model

Deploy and Operate

  • Identify considerations for deploying the application from the Acceptance stage to the Production stage
  • Examine backup and restore procedures
  • Identify considerations for operating the application
  • Automate tasks
  • Identify the resources available

Case Study: Smith News

  • Identify the key activities for each phase
  • Explore what went well and what could have gone better
  • Identify the key risks
  • Recommend mitigating actions

Project Guideline Scaling Matrix

  • Examine how to scale IBM CSIM project guidelines depending on the project size

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