IBM Cognos 8 Planning: Leverage Integration Between Cognos 8 BI and TM1 9.4 Eğitimi

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3 Days ILT    

IBM Cognos 8 Planning: Leverage Integration Between Cognos 8 BI and TM1 9.4 (P1402G )

IBM Course Code: J0402G

IBM Cognos 8 Planning: Leverage Integration Between Cognos 8 BI and TM1 9.4 is a four-day, self paced course that teaches application developers how to set up a Controller application and effectively use Controller in their organization's consolidation process. You will also design and generate financial reports using Controller. Through hands-on exercises, you will set up a Controller application by creating the necessary structures (such as accounts and companies), and then test the application to ensure that it works properly. You will also learn how to work with currency conversion, intercompany transactions, and investments in subsidiaries, as well as define configuration settings and user access to the application.

Who Needs to Attend

This course is intended for Modelers


You should have:

  • IBM Cognos 8 Planning Analyst: Build Models (V8.4) (Required)
  • IBM Cognos 8 Planning Contributor: Develop Applications (V8.4) (Required)
  • Knowledge of IBM Cognos 8 Framework Manager is an asset
  • Knowledge of IBM Cognos 8 BI is an asset
  • Knowledge of IBM Cognos TM1 is an asset

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Examine the Current Environment

  • Examine the context, scope and processes found in the current release environments for IBM Cognos 8 Planning, IBM Cognos 8 BI and IBM Cognos TM1 which provides for the externalization of plan data to the enterprise

Examine Tools, Roles, and Responsibilities

  • Examine the tools which make up the end to end process of providing plan data to the enterprise
  • Discuss the roles of the major players in the process
  • Discuss the responsibilities of the major players found in the process of externalizing plan data to the enterprise

Generate the Framework Manager Model

  • Discuss the context and scope of published containers and generating Framework Manager models
  • Create Express Authoring Mode reports in IBM Cognos 8 BI Report Studio to highlight the default content of the generated model

Enhance the Generated Framework Manager Model

  • Discuss the context and scope of the generated Framework Manager model
  • Explore techniques to transition the plan data into effective information to support management decisions

Plan for Reporting

  • Discuss the context and scope of using IBM Cognos TM1 with Planning
  • Utilize IBM Cognos TM1 to externalize the content of a Planning Published Container
  • Explore different TM1 cubes based on Planning

Manage Plans Using Event Agents

  • Examine the scope of event agent capabilities
  • Create event agents based on workflow state which include BI and Planning content
  • Create a proactive event agent for the notification of both application and published job failures

Drill to Contributor Web

  • Discuss the context, scope and benefits to drilling from IBM Cognos 8 reports directly into Contributor Web
  • Examine the use of URL's and hyperlinks from relational, workflow and dimensionally modeled perspectives
  • Enhance Framework Manager models to allow for drilling from either a relational, workflow or dimensionally modeled context
  • Discover effective techniques for using drilling for different management requirements

Use Portals and Drill Through Definitions

  • Create IBM Cognos 8 Portals for Planning content
  • Leverage sound BI reporting concepts through the implementation of Analyze and Query concepts with Planning
  • Create analyses and reports to demonstrate the flexibility of the Analyze and Query process
  • Create a Planning Workflow Analysis TM1 cube
  • Enhance the Planning portal with TM1 content
  • Examine the use of Conditional Blocks for reporting planning assets
  • Create TM1 based portals of Plan data sourced from Published Containers

Manage Security and Administration Links

  • Effective assignment of Planning Rights Administrator macro execution capabilities to Planning Contributor Users
  • Examine the proper use of Administration links sourced by IBM Cognos 8 Framework Manager packages

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