IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel: Analyze BI Data (V10.1) Eğitimi

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IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel: Analyze BI Data (V10.1) (P8125G)

IBM Course Code: P8125G

IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel: Analyze BI Data (V10.1) introduces analysts and business users to the features and capabilities of Analysis for Microsoft Excel. Through task-based product demonstrations, you will learn how to connect to IBM Cognos data sources from within Microsoft Excel and integrate IBM Cognos data into spreadsheets for further analysis, formatting, and layout options.

Who Needs to Attend

This basic course is for Analysts and Business users.


  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • Experience using Microsoft Office Excel

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Access IBM Cognos Data Sources

  • Define a connection to IBM Cognos 10
  • Log on to IBM Cognos 10
  • Select a data package

Create an Exploration

  • Build a basic crosstab in an exploration
  • Explore the crosstab by filtering, nesting, and drilling down on data
  • Open the exploration in Analysis Studio for further analysis

Create a Detailed Analysis within an Exploration

  • Add a calculations to the analysis
  • Rename and reorder the rows and columns of the analysis

Create a List

  • Build a basic list report
  • Organize the list report by grouping items together
  • Publish the report to IBM Cognos Connection

Use Excel Capabilities with Formulas

  • Convert the exploration to formulas
  • Customize the crosstab by adding and removing rows and columns
  • Add calculations to the crosstab
  • Use conditional formatting
  • Create charts

Create a Custom Cell-Based Analysis

  • Add single items to an Excel sheet to create a custom analysis

Change Items in the Formulas

  • Use the search function to locate items in the package
  • Change the view of the analysis by replacing items in the formulas

Apply Filters to Reports

  • Apply a filter to return specific data
  • Combine two filters to perform more complex filtering

Explore Style Sheets and Custom Sets

  • Display a complete level of data
  • Save a custom set of items for reuse in other reports
  • Explore style sheets to customize the appearance of the crosstab

Work with Multiple Packages

  • Open a second package and create an exploration
  • Create a single report using data from two different packages

Create Multi-Sheet Reports

  • Create duplicate sheets
  • Create and edit a global filter

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