IBM Cognos BI for Consumers (V10.2) Eğitimi

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IBM Cognos BI for Consumers (V10.2) (B5288G)

IBM Course Code: B5288G

IBM Cognos BI for Consumers (V10.2) - eLearning is designed to introduce consumers to the basics of how to access content and define users groups and roles. They will learn how to run a report with options, add comments to saved output, and schedule a report to run at a specific time with specific output and language formats, as well as create report views in the IBM Cognos Connection Web portal.

In addition, the course will introduce consumers to basics of how to personalize the appearance of IBM Cognos Connection by changing personal settings, creating folders to organize content, and creating dynamic dashboards.

Who Needs to Attend

This basic course is for IBM Cognos BI Consumers.


You should have:

  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • Experience using the Windows operating system
  • Experience using a Web browser

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1.  Access Content and Manage Events in IBM Cognos BI

  • Identify where users access IBM Cognos BI content
  • Define users, groups, and roles
  • Access published reports in IBM Cognos Connection
  • Set access permissions
  • Manage events in IBM Cognos BI
  • Use My Inbox

2.  Work with Saved Output

  • Save report output
  • View report output versions
  • Manage saved report output versions
  • Add comments to saved output
  • Set alerts on saved output
  • Set watch rules on saved output

3.  Dashboard Reports

  • Create a simple dashboard
  • Add interactivity to dashboards
  • Create a multi-page dashboard

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