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IBM Cognos BI What's New (V10.1) (B5110G )

IBM Course Code: J2110G

IBM Cognos BI What's New (V10.1) provides participants with knowledge of new features offered in IBM Cognos BI (V10.1). Through hands-on experience, participants will discover the high-value benefits of this release, including a simplified, more engaging business user experience, a richer, self-service reporting and analysis environment, workflow and collaboration, and easy application administration and life cycle.

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate course is for consumers, business authors, professional authors, administrators, modelers and project managers.


  • Experience with using IBM Cognos 8 BI
  • Knowledge of your business requirements

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Introduction to IBM Cognos Business Insight

  • Identify IBM Cognos Business Insight and its benefits
  • Navigate and identify general functionality
  • Create a dashboard from existing content
  • Sort, filter, group/ungroup, calculate data
  • Search content
  • Access IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced to modify a report
  • Invoke collaborative discussion

Collaboration with Activities

  • Start a dashboard activity in IBM Cognos Business Insight
  • View dashboard activities in IBM Cognos Business Insight
  • Collaborate beyond the dashboard environment

Introduction to IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced

  • Navigate the user interface
  • Perform authoring, including, ad-hoc query, data analysis, exploration, and importing external data
  • Format data and layout
  • Integrate with capabilities in Report Studio

Report Studio Enhancements

  • Identify and work with new features in Report Studio, including:
  • improvements in report creation capabilities
  • the new Active Report report type

Introduction to IBM Cognos Statistics

  • What is IBM Cognos Statistics?
  • Architecture of IBM Cognos Statistics
  • Data sources used in IBM Cognos Statistics
  • Use of the case variable in statistical objects

Enhanced Event Management

  • Collaborate on a multi-task scenario
  • Automate the interaction of people around a process or a list of work, including notifications, approvals, escalations and status tracking
  • Provide the interface to link people to processes and information events

Extended System Management

  • Identify enhancements in:
    • monitoring
    • scheduling
    • credential management
    • identifying the relationship between packages and their data sources

Model Design Accelerator

  • What is Model Design Accelerator?
  • Create a star schema using Model Design Accelerator
  • Generate a model and publish a package

Other Product and Environment Improvements

  • Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
  • Improvements in data lineage
  • Enhancements to/for:
  • SAP BW data sources
  • IBM Cognos Real Time Monitoring (RTM)
  • IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office
  • IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel
  • IBM Cognos Mobile
  • Business Viewpoint
  • Data Manager
  • upgrade process
  • Support for multi-version coexistence

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