IBM Cognos Business Viewpoint 10.1: Manage Dimensions and Data Eğitimi

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1 Day ILT    

IBM Cognos Business Viewpoint 10.1: Manage Dimensions and Data (P8110G )

IBM Course Code: J1110G

IBM Cognos Business Viewpoint 10.1: Manage Dimensions and Data is a two-day, self-paced course in which you will learn to manage dimensions across the enterprise. You will import data and create dimensions, hierarchies, levels, and attributes. In addition, you will create workflows, reconcile nominated data, and move fact data into a TM1 cube. You will also publish and distribute the dimensions and data to other applications or users.

Who Needs to Attend

This advanced course is for Modelers.


  • Basic knowledge of dimensional modeling
  • Basic knowledge of the IBM Cognos modeling tools used in your environment such as IBM Cognos Planning, IBM Cognos TM1, IBM Cognos Transformer, or IBM Cognos Framework Manager (recommended)

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Introduction to IBM Cognos Business Viewpoint

  • Identify some of the problems associated with managing dimensions
  • Identify three capability areas that enable IBM Cognos Business Viewpoint to address these problems
  • Identify tools that are used with IBM Cognos Business Viewpoint
  • Examine best practices to get started

Model Dimensional Objects

  • Identify Business Viewpoint components
  • Use systems
  • Create dimensions with lists and hierarchies
  • Create a dimension template
  • Create versions of dimensions

Enhance Dimensions

  • Modify members in a dimension using comments, views, filters and search
  • Modify static and dynamic hierarchies
  • Add attributes
  • Add validation rules to an attribute
  • Create calculated attributes
  • Work with sets

Use Business Viewpoint Client to Synchronize Data

  • Explain the purpose of Business Viewpoint Client adapters
  • Nominate data
  • Subscribe to data
  • Compare import with nominate and subscribe
  • Integrate with IBM Cognos modeling tools

Manage the Dimension Change Process

  • Explain the four steps in the workflow process
  • Use workflows to check the progress of tasks
  • Review data and reconcile data using merge

Move Fact Data Into IBM Cognos TM1

  • Describe fact data
  • Match dimensions in your source and target data store
  • Create and run links to move fact data from your source to your target

Integrate with IBM Cognos BI

  • Integrate with IBM Cognos reporting tools
  • Publish a dimension to an IBM Cognos package, to a Framework Manager model and to a CSV file

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