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IBM Cognos Express: What's New (V9.5) (A3502G)

IBM Course Code: A3502G

IBM Cognos Express: What's New (V9.5) is a 4 hour series of recordings for consumers who are familiar with earlier versions of Cognos Express and wish to discover new features in the 9.5 release. Through recorded slide presentations and demonstrations, you will learn about the new features and functions available in all the IBM Cognos Express components.

Who Needs to Attend

This basic course is intended for individuals with prior experience with IBM Cognos Express version 9.0 as it details what is new in the product and assumes knowledge of IBM Cognos Express 9.0.


You should have:

  • Knowledge of IBM Cognos Express version 9.0
  • Completed IBM Cognos Express Manager: Manage IBM Cognos Express (V9.0) (Recommended)
  • Completed Essentials for IBM Cognos TM1 (V9.4) or IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator and Advisor (V9.0): For Developers (Recommended)

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Overview of new features

  • Overview of New Features and �Functions
  • Review of benefits IBM Cognos Express
  • Changes to architecture
  • High level list of changes per product module

IBM Cognos Express Advisor

  • Explore the new functionality of extended traffic lights with shapes/symbols
  • Examine the new chart type of dial
  • Understand how the new functionality supports dashboards in Advisor.
  • TM1/ICAS 9.5 data entry conformance
  • Demonstration of new features to create a dashboard

IBM Cognos Express Data Advisor

  • New modeling of relational or multidimensional data
  • New option to process multidimensional model on the client or on the server
  • Changes to the Analyze function.
  • Ability to limit the date range during the process of creating the time dimension
  • Demonstration to create a relational model and to use it in reporter.
  • Demonstration to examine the changes to the analyze function.

IBM Cognos Xcelerator

  • What constitutes IBM Cognos Xcelerator in V 9.5
  • Changes to web cube viewer
  • Improved performance of larger websheets
  • New features for data entry.
  • Demonstration on simple picklists
  • Demonstration to examine sandboxes

IBM Cognos Express Planner

  • Context and scope of the IBM Cognos Express Planner
  • Explore both administrator and end user interfaces
  • Create and deploy a Planner Application
  • Secure and activate a Planner Application
  • Demonstration to design a Planner application
  • Demonstration to apply security to a Planner application
  • Demonstration to explore the end user interface for Planner.

IBM Cognos Express Manager

  • Understand Backup and Restore
  • Know the central location for software download
  • Know the new roles and data sources available
  • Demonstration to examine interface changes and new data source
  • Demonstration to examine backup and restore.

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