IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator: Navigating Data (V9.0) Eğitimi

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IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator: Navigating Data (V9.0) (A3030G)

IBM Course Code: A3030

IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator: Navigating Data (version 9.0) is a six hour WBT designed to show consumers how to navigate Xcelerator and use the front end tools and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with Multidimensional cubes. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, students will learn how to connect and access TM1, build views, browse data and navigate through the user interface.

Who Needs to Attend

This course is intended for Users.


  • Knowledge of your organization's data and structure
  • Microsoft Excel

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1: Getting Started Using TM1

  • Describe what TM1 is and what it is used for
  • Describe Components of TM1 in order to relate to their function within the �product (brief definition)
  • Describe the TM1 end-user options

2: Explore and Customize Multidimensional Data

  • Examine the structure of a cube to understand its building blocks and role in a TM1 application
  • Browse data in a cube
  • Create subsets to focus data in a cube

3: Refine Your Analysis Using Spreadsheets and Active Forms

  • Analyze cube data with Excel using snapshot and slice methods
  • Contribute data to a cube using data spread methods
  • Filter data in a cube
  • Create dynamic reports using Active Forms

4: Format and Print Results

  • Use TM1 applications to organize reports
  • Publish Excel reports to the Web
  • Access websheets

5: Use TM1 Web to Manage and Analyze Your Data

  • Create and edit views
  • Contribute data using data spread methods
  • Create and edit web charts
  • Use drill capabilities within relational tables and cubes

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