IBM Cognos ICM: Use the Admin Client (V8.0/8.1) Eğitimi

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IBM Cognos ICM: Use the Admin Client (V8.0/8.1) (1R095G)

IBM Course Code: 1R095G

Through visual content and audio, product demonstrations, hands-on learning activities, and simulation-based assessments and quizzes, the modules guide the students to mastering an IBM Cognos ICM application.

IBM Cognos ICM: Use the Admin Client (V8.0) provides Compensation Administrators with the skills and knowledge to perform their daily and monthly administration tasks. Through this course Compensation Admins will be introduced to navigation through the various modules, how to create and use process lists and how to administer workflows within workflow manager. Compensation Admins will also learn how to work with the Scheduler to verify imports, view alerts, run Tailored Reports, publish data in the form of Excel and PDF files and troubleshoot issues within the Admin Client.

Who Needs to Attend

This basic course is intended for Compensation Administrators.


You should complete:

  • IBM Cognos ICM: Introduction to Discovery

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Navigating the Admin Client

  • Identify the function of each module
  • Identify how to navigate between modules

Working with Process Lists

  • Identify how to work with Process Lists
  • Create Process Lists


  • Understand processes and sub processes
  • Identify how to run a process manually
  • Identify how to verify a successful import

Workflow Manager

  • Access different workflows
  • Activate a workflow
  • Access information about the workflows

Viewing Alerts and Running Tailored Reports

  • Identify how to run a Tailored Report
  • Identify where to view Alert information
  • Identify how to access the details of an Alert

Working with Tables and Data

  • Filter, view, input, modify and delete data in tables
  • View the history of tables

Publishing Data

  • Setup and save a published export
  • Publish data to an Excel or PDF file


  • Identify how to resolve inquiry issues
  • Identify how to handle data issues including failed imports
  • Identify how to handle various issues including access and period locking

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