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This course is for Administrators and Project Managers.

IBM Cognos Planning: Overview (V10.1) is a two-day, instructor-led course designed to provide administrators and project managers a comprehensive overview of the IBM Cognos Planning solution. Participants will learn the purpose and benefits of each Planning component and understand what is involved in creating a Planning Analyst model, and creating a Planning Contributor application based on a model. Participants will perform hands-on demos and workshops while learning the essentials of building a Planning solution.

Introduction to IBM Cognos Planning Analyst Examine the components of the IBM Cognos Planning solution Discuss libraries, D Lists, D Cubes, and D Links Create libraries Create D Lists and D Cubes Manually create D Lists Import D List items from external sources Modify D Lists Build D Cubes Load Data Determine what can be used as source data Create file maps to assist in loading data Load data from an external source into a D Cube Load data from one D Cube to another Introduction to IBM Cognos Planning Contributor Administration Review IBM Cognos Performance Management (PM) Solution Identify IBM Cognos Planning and its components Identify IBM Cognos BI and its components Examine the IBM Cognos Planning architecture Examine IBM Cognos Planning Contributor and its components Examine the development process for the Planning Contributor solution Build an IBM Cognos Planning Contributor Application Examine best practices for building the underlying IBM Cognos Planning Analyst model Configure IBM Cognos Planning Administrator Create a Planning Contributor application using the Application wizard Specify navigation, orientation, and application settings Import the e.List and rights Run Go to Production and preview a Planning Contributor application Manage Workflow and Web Application Activities Access the application in IBM Cognos Connection Examine the user roles and workflow states Create annotations Attach documents to Planning Contributor application items View and delete commentary Bounce users from the application Work offline

Please refer to course overview for description information.

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